Saturday, March 9, 2013

I have my own keys...

Closed Minded Clubs
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It was the infamous Groucho Marx that stated in a telegram to the Friar's Club of Beverly Hills to which he belonged, as recounted in Groucho and Me (1959), p. 321

"Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member".

I am amazed that some folks just do not get it!  Agreement and disagreement is part of life, it is what and how we discuss the ways of the world.  When someone replies in a short statement in an email, to a document or statement that they feel is misguided, do you read their words and then, if it is not in your opinion, slam the door in their face, take away the so-called key of the club and then berate them?

Of course not, if you are man enough and socially skilled, which the concerned gentlemen is not, by his actions.  Notice, I am not naming this individual who resides outside of the USA to the north.  I am empathetic to his plight of not knowing how to handle someone who does not agree with a statement, to a point.  My understanding would be a discussion, but when you believe you are the King and want to swat the lower minions with your scepter, beware as you have “no clothes” and are showing your naked misunderstanding and rear end at the same time.

The fact that he has been approached by the Green Party to run for office has gone to his empty-head.  This will be his first lesson in the next steps as he falters as King.  I am not interested in deposing him, he is doing a fine job on his own.  What I am interested in is the other members of the group and how he will explain, as he sips his coffee on Google + Hangout this morning.

So glad he showed me his rear end now and I don’t have to waste my time with despots and so called Kings of Castles.

I, by all accounts, are a man of action, the ability to see the logical business side of the problem or situation, taking what others have established and making it profitable and a success.  No one person has all the ideas or solutions, I just happen to be part of a very successful team that works and works well together.  No one is chastised for an opinion outside of the leadership’s view, as we are all on the same page, same ship and importantly same planet!

Making our world a better place for the younger folks and bringing education and community Trust, Respect and Pride back once more is a priority of the sane. 

It is about sustainability for the future.  We “old farts” will be gone someday, that is a fact we cannot change and we must work to instill what one has to do for one’s self, to continue in this world’s journey and stop killing each other.  Education, seats of learning and a core that cares it what must happen and occur. 

Leaders who, of course, are looking at leaving a legacy to those that elected them and are yet still to be born.

It’s a tenet of the American Dream: to provide your children with a better life than you had. But one thing that concerns me about being a parent is that my daughters will probably not have as comfortable an upbringing as my other half and I did.  I though, are doing something about it as a priority.

There are leaders who wish to make that difference and I have meet them, broken bread with them and enjoyed conversations on a level playing field.  We are all but men and women of the world, in the world and it is our actions that will shape the future for all we leave behind.

If you don’t like other people’s opinions, then stop the world and get off.
Three people I have great respect for, in the so much, they are doers, they don’t sit on a throne and espouse grandiose plans that can never come to fruition. They are workers at their craft, Jeb Bush, who I have known since the early nineties, Governor Gary Herbert, Utah, who replaced Jon Huntsman Jr., and recently, very recently, Mayor Ballard, Indianapolis, Indiana.  These folks have visions, importantly achievable visions for the people.  With common sense and know that they have surround themselves with people who are good at their jobs, have opinions that are voiced and understand the dream for us all. It is an inner part of their make-up.

Folks, it is about people, receiving a good base in education, living in a community that is safe and being able to work, bringing home a paycheck giving that self-worth and esteem to all.

So, I hold no malice to those that have not got to a level in life where you can take the hits, listen to people with differing views without slamming the door in their face and taking away the key.

Enjoy your weekend and take deep breaths and look around you and see why we must all change…

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