Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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The Bus Is Outta Control…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

"Yeah, then everybody is screaming because the driver, he's passed out because of all the commotion. The bus is out of control! So I grab him by the collar, I take him out of the seat, I get behind the wheel... Now I'm driving the bus!" Seinfeld…

Yes, this is the Seinfeld and only a television program.  You see, in real life no one cares, no one gives a damn, not even Clarke Gable.

It is not just the leadership in the White House or those high and mighty politicians who you elected on Capitol Hill that do not care, it seems everyone is not interested in living a life that can be enjoyed.  This morning, people are more interested in the death of Chavez in Venezuela or what the Kardashians are up to, rather than another shooting and death in their own backyard.

Governors, state politicians, city officials and their staff can only do so much.  This is a national crisis and even the streets are not listening!  When top leaders of a nation show no interest in controlling situations regarding the nation’s finances, which is the root of all economic decision making, the bus is outta control! No one competent is at the wheel or steering it down the highway of life.

Take Indiana, crime in communities and neighborhoods is rife. The newly elected governor is only weeks into his term of office and from his background, has a strong leaning against crime and all that it brings.  He is but one man, backed by state agencies, who have been there fighting these issues the best they know how, followed with county and cities being the front-line troops taking the brunt and summoning the emergency services and body bags. 

It is the economy stupid! People without income, poor people, are bored to death and just like a pacing caged lion, will fight at the slightest opportunity to show they still have something.  The fact is they have lost everything.  The finances of cities, counties and the state are in poor shape and resources have to be rationed.  Why does life itself?

The officials have a thousand problems on the streets and the media, microphone and camera in hand, want answers.  Open your ears and eyes, the answers to your questions are flashing from gun muzzles in front of your very eyes.  People killing people, children killing children on the streets of every city USA.

Testicular fortitude is required!

I have recently met “like-minded people”, who fully understand what has to happen.  They are in positions that can and are attempting to make the difference.  They recognize the symptoms and have the answers and solutions, some are very young and live among the daily surge of violence and want to change their vista, others, are leaders, management who have the resources, although not flush with full financial coffers, they understand what is required to make the change.

I awoke this morning to an email alert for the local WTHR television station:

Breaking news from the Eyewitness News team:

          Multiple people shot at east Indianapolis residence

Police say multiple people have been shot on the east side of Indianapolis.
There was no confirmation at this time about injuries from the shooting, which occurred around 8 p.m. in the 1800 block of Edinburge Square, which is near East 16th Street and I-465.


Police say four people have been shot, one fatally, on the east side of Indianapolis.

One person was killed in the shooting, which occurred around 8 p.m. in the 1800 block of Edinburge Square, which is near East 16th Street and I-465. Another victim is listed in critical condition and a third victim is in serious condition.

A fourth shooting victim was treated at the scene for a gunshot wound.
Police have no information on a possible motive for the shooting and say the suspect is still at large. They are looking for a dark-colored vehicle with two black males inside that was seen leaving the scene immediately following the shooting.

As Paul Harvey would have said, “the rest of the story”:

Residents of the apartment complex where the shooting happened tell Eyewitness News they are shocked and that nothing like this has ever happened in their community.

"I just heard the gun sounds, thought, 'No, not in Wellington Village!' Nothing like that happens here," said resident Kyana Waller.

Waller was very close to the shooting when it occurred.

"I heard more shots and ran into my mother's room. She told me to get away from the window and about five minutes later, the police and ambulance arrived," Waller said.

She told Eyewitness News she grew up with the man who is reported in critical condition at Wishard Hospital.

"I never knew him to have any enemies. He just got off work and his mom said he changed clothes and went to hang with his friends," Waller said.

This same scene is playing out all across America and our so called communities are going to hell in a hang-basket in front of our eyes.

Can you honestly sit and stand there and let this happen?

I cannot and will not!

Corporately, individually and as a concerned citizen, I have to challenge the situation, knowing I have answers.

Where are the ears to listen, implement and change before total anarchy takes over?  People are fed up to their back teeth with the situation and need a torch, a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel of darkness.

The bus is outta control…

Who will step up and stand beside us and bring Trust, Respect and Pride back?

We have the answers…

There is an audience waiting and the spotlight is ready to shine on those that will entertain the challenge.  The script is in hand and may have learnt their lines and ready to act for the sake of us all…

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