Thursday, March 7, 2013

What You Can You Do For Yourself...

E-Commerce? No Entitlements Stupid…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

I have had so many responses from our daily muse.  I have read, digested and bring some points being made to you.

It is definitely a different world from where we grew up. Hard work now means nothing. It is true that there are those who take advantage of others in the world and come from an entitlement paradigm. However, it is important to remember that these people probably grew up in an environment where they learned these entitlement behaviors from their parents, family and neighbors.

From my experience most people come from a place where they are responsible and given a choice that they will make the right decisions.

We need to help those who are not aware they have other choices other than entitlements and place Pride back into their lives.  Social and employment make a far-reaching difference!

Your honorable word means for it to be worth something, does it not?  Doing the right thing, working hard and caring about how you treat others, seems to be gone, but not for good.  Yet our government is BROKE and the laws continue to favor those healthy individuals without a job who choose to stay unemployed and the divorcees that enjoyed a life of opulence while married get lifetime alimony. There is no way a country can survive on the backs of 40% work force. Soon enough we'll see and experience what we (voters, legislators, and judges) have done to ourselves. When the ship sinks, everyone gets wet!

Then you have folks who share the following words on Facebook and television comment lines.  Whilst there is some truth in the statements, it is this gentlemen’s last lines that troubles me.

“It's these young people who can't talk to each other anymore. Their parents have taught them to get everything they can from anyone they can. Steal what you want, live on welfare, have them pay your rent, pay your utilities, pay everything. They encourage them to walk around with their pants half down to show their underwear?

How stupid do they look?

They ALL need to be exterminated. Period.

Reality is a sad truth my friend. Some people can't function in this society, face it. We would be better off without them. Sad but true.”

He seems to think by eradicating a portion of society all will be well.  A man called Hitler tried that by killing and exterminating 6 million Jews, it does not work and nor should it be an option!

It has to be a simple steps to make the radical change, placing Trust, Respect and Pride back into the communities.  Busy hands and minds are productive and allows for the individual to focus on positive aspects of their lives.

It is a full community involvement, kids, teens, Mothers, families and the community services, which include code enforcement, cleaning up the neighborhoods, community policing which will know their community beat and the folks who reside within.  Importantly a collective cohesive circle of positive thinking and results for all.  It is a fundamental change to have pride in what you do, where you live and treat each other.  Even the public service employees will notice the daily uplifting effect.  Remember they too are in the community and live half their lives there and do want to improve the situation.  It is distressing for all to be among this blight and failure, mentally and physically, we need to smile, converse and witness change and success, it is good for the body and the soul.

As one of my partners states regularly, “Onward and Upward!”

In fact we are all entitled to success and the Pied Piper Project takes care of that from all sides!

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