Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Zip the Crime, Or Do The Time... The Pied Piper Project

By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO CommSmart Global Group 

We must not ignore what is happening on the streets of "Any City USA" or any major city globally!  So you had another shooting last night!  

101 shot over July 4th weekend in Chicago!

Even Des Moines, Iowa is suffering murders, one every ten days is occurring right on your doorstep so far this year!

Crime is increasing and society wants to do something, but does nothing!  

That is all about to change!

  • Ignorance is bliss 
  • None of My Business 
  • I’m Sorry, But What they Do Does Not Affect Me 
  • I Don’t Live There 
  • NIMBY (Not In MY Backyard) 
  • Why Should I Care?
We have heard every excuse under the sun for problems that surround businesses, socially and commercially and are they all lame!  States, Cities, Neighborhoods and Communities are rife with crime, intimidation, social and economic destruction. Do not tell me about the deforestation of the Amazon Forest, although terrible, look at the decline of a civilization of your own surroundings!

For instance in Indianapolis, the local WTHR television station reported, “While crime data from IMPD shows that 48% of all homicides between 2007 and 2012 occurred within five zip codes (46218, 46201, 46208, 46205, 46222), Pastor Harrison notes that teen crime is spreading to downtown and beyond.”

Have you been turning a blind eye, hoping it was not really happening?  Sticking cotton wool in your ears to block out the screams of the streets. 
The streets are being cleaned of crime, vermin, unscrupulous businesses and those that will not comply and sing the tune of honesty.

The Pied Piper Project is ready to visit the Zip Codes of Shame.

Is Your City/Community Among Those That Can & Will Be Changed?

Importantly are you going to get involved?

  • Bring back stability to the streets
  • Teaching the criminal his or her time is done
  • Those that do not comply, continuing the crime and intimidation, jail…
  • using the laws on the books to cleanse the problem
  • Allow neighbors to be neighbors
  • Replenishing the ability for commerce to open their doors for profit
  • Employment on a local basis, producing MADE IN THE USA local products
  • Bringing people back to the front porch
  • Trust, respect, and pride once at the forefront
I was asked the other day, “Why so quickly do we have to act?” Simple, procrastination for the last decades has got us into the problem and no one is acting responsibly. From the President down, it is being ignored and accepted as part of the day to day activities of America.  It is the largest killer of people, neighborhoods, local commerce and life.

The perpetual beta phenomenon is a natural effect of a lack of purposeful execution.

The frustration is simple and understandable, the local officials are so close to the problem, it blinds them and becomes so personal, and it escapes the solutions being discussed.  Fresh eyes are required with a full team spirit.
Blood is on our hands are we have to stop washing the problem down the drain with lives that are being wasted in more ways than one.

Can you honestly stand there and ignore anymore?  Are your ready to be part of the difference that will be our legacy and a chance for the youth of this nation to move forward with the smell of success, instead of death?

Stand up, reach out and do what you know is right!


Call: (515) 300.6130

copyright 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

If You Tell Me It Can't Be Done, You Are Right, Because You Can't Do It!

If You Tell Me It Can't Be Done, 
You Are Right Because You Can't Do It!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There are too many excuses, pathetic reasons not to complete a task and a total lack of responsibility buzzing around the world for far too long!

To make a change and complete tasks today, we must have the right information at our fingertips.  If you never read the instruction book or study for an exam, the chance of success is slim to none.

There always those that want to see you fail and will go out of their way to ensure you do so. They, the detractors want a platform from anyone to listen.

Hate is surrounding us, criticism is not enough, they have to lie, cheat and steal to attempt to bring you down.  

I know the feeling all too well!

Since 2004 I have had a disruptor/stalker who did not get what he wanted when he attempted to extort from me and our company.  

We have ignored his inflammatory words and actions, as by responding would only show that we have a concern and would recognize him and his pathetic actions. His words posted have been read by some who know me not, believe this individuals words are true.  

They know him not either!

Sadly, anything that is posted on the Internet is there forever. 

He even attempted to dupe Stan Lee and his Marvel Comics by removing Lee from the company illegally.  In fact many have suffered by this excuse for a manipulator of facts and mingles his fiction with fact.

Under the American Constitution, there is Freedom of Speech, whether it is true and believable or not.

It is farcical and pathetic that someone with intelligence would believe his claims.  Sadly, those that do, only perpetuate the problem of the downright lies. 

There are now seven times that I have been confronted by individuals regarding this, but never directly.  Go to source, don't judge information from a stranger just because it posted on the Internet Sewer!

How do you open a conversation that is negative when you are promoting your company and services?  You don't!

We are an information, data, software and solutions group and am taking this short side step to address this issue, moving on with continued professionalism.  
Why?  Because that is what we do, we are a total change agency who lead our clients through adversity and times of change.

We do not take it personally, we look objectively and logically.  It is silly to attack the messenger, it is the message that is the focus.

Our strength is our ability to bring you the right information with analytic overtones in our crime and social analytics capabilities.  Law enforcement and communities must have the facts to enable successful protection for all.

For our society to move forward with a cohesive temperament, we must head-on address the diversity of today's world.

Social or unsocial media has propelled us into a critical path of hatred, anxiety and violent disarray.  

Racism, religion, sexual orientation and total dislike of those that are charged with upholding the law have gone way beyond what the forefathers of the United States ever imagined.

It is not too late to resolve and save society.  It cannot be a one-sided affair, it must be a cohesive understanding of the current issues and the solutions that are at hand.

It is all about the facts!  The mixture of social media interaction, public data and law enforcement's CAD & RMS data, when we combine and analyzed in near real time, shows us the bigger picture and it is from that canvass we can redraw the landscape of society.

It is exactly the same for Social media Interaction Marketing.  No matter what size your comapny is, 'the art of the possible' is at your doorstep and fingertips.

We say 'Social Is Local', it how and where we glean our information, social media is the search engine for all things social, vacations, good food, hotels and local shopping.  You will compete with 'online shopping giants', to to toe when you approach from our global expertise in communications.

That is why all that CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner achieves the goals which are tied to solid information, which in turn is actionable with resolvement. 

It really is not a 'them and us' situation, it is how both sides of the issues believe they are right, but only one side has the 'real facts'.

It is about community awareness and communications, which go hand in hand.

If you have a concern, be direct and go to the source, the phone number is below.

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