Friday, February 16, 2018

Society, It’s Your Bloody Fault…

Society, It’s Your Bloody Fault…

Communications were supposed to improve society, it has driven it apart by words of despair.  Satisfaction of sharing information does not exist anymore!

For two days everyone is blaming everyone else for the death of 17 individuals, including students who should not have had their young lives taken from them.

Ignoring the "See Something, Say Something" is common by all.  

Snitching is necessary to protect us all!  

Protecting each other is our DUTY!

The media today is full of blame statements and of those that knew so much and said some little!  Their silence echoes and resonates like an echo through a canyon.

Think how we also are negative after the fact, just look at the headlines the day after Christmas, “Packages Go Undelivered”.  You want to blame the delivery company for bad weather and your inept ability to shop on time, wasting money on Express Delivery Services?  UPS, Fed-Ex DHL, and the Post Office.  These delivery services are not Santa Claus!

Larry Hilblom, who ploughed a vintage World War II seaplane into the Pacific Ocean in 1995, co-founder of DHL will be turning in his watery grave on how you are treating his invention of exceptional Express Delivery!  Express delivery is for lazy people with more money than sense, who need to rush documents or goods that they procrastinated over. 

I first met Larry at the Bahrain airport when he greeted me from a flight from Britain.  He was dressed in slacks and DHL t-shirt carrying a sign with my name on it.  He collected my bags, carried them to the car and drove me to my hotel as my house was not ready yet.  He carried the bags inside and I tipped him!  I had no earthly idea who he was more than just a driver, who had been sent to greet me.  It was not until that evening at dinner, I was officially introduced, we both laughed and he kept the tip!

Yes, we are a today society that with all the communications and technology at hand are failing to understand the integrity of societal living and doing business professionally.  

Complaining for complaining sake has become part of our DNA!

Preparation is the key for all we do and say.  Knowing, understanding and making it part of our Duty of Care

In the case of killing tragedies, the BLAME IS ON YOU.  In all your shock and awe, think back to what you knew and just didn't say a word!

The Knowing Factor: It is always up to you!  

The Blame Game is only a song!

WE are in the NOW and
KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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