Saturday, March 9, 2013

I have my own keys...

Closed Minded Clubs
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

It was the infamous Groucho Marx that stated in a telegram to the Friar's Club of Beverly Hills to which he belonged, as recounted in Groucho and Me (1959), p. 321

"Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member".

I am amazed that some folks just do not get it!  Agreement and disagreement is part of life, it is what and how we discuss the ways of the world.  When someone replies in a short statement in an email, to a document or statement that they feel is misguided, do you read their words and then, if it is not in your opinion, slam the door in their face, take away the so-called key of the club and then berate them?

Of course not, if you are man enough and socially skilled, which the concerned gentlemen is not, by his actions.  Notice, I am not naming this individual who resides outside of the USA to the north.  I am empathetic to his plight of not knowing how to handle someone who does not agree with a statement, to a point.  My understanding would be a discussion, but when you believe you are the King and want to swat the lower minions with your scepter, beware as you have “no clothes” and are showing your naked misunderstanding and rear end at the same time.

The fact that he has been approached by the Green Party to run for office has gone to his empty-head.  This will be his first lesson in the next steps as he falters as King.  I am not interested in deposing him, he is doing a fine job on his own.  What I am interested in is the other members of the group and how he will explain, as he sips his coffee on Google + Hangout this morning.

So glad he showed me his rear end now and I don’t have to waste my time with despots and so called Kings of Castles.

I, by all accounts, are a man of action, the ability to see the logical business side of the problem or situation, taking what others have established and making it profitable and a success.  No one person has all the ideas or solutions, I just happen to be part of a very successful team that works and works well together.  No one is chastised for an opinion outside of the leadership’s view, as we are all on the same page, same ship and importantly same planet!

Making our world a better place for the younger folks and bringing education and community Trust, Respect and Pride back once more is a priority of the sane. 

It is about sustainability for the future.  We “old farts” will be gone someday, that is a fact we cannot change and we must work to instill what one has to do for one’s self, to continue in this world’s journey and stop killing each other.  Education, seats of learning and a core that cares it what must happen and occur. 

Leaders who, of course, are looking at leaving a legacy to those that elected them and are yet still to be born.

It’s a tenet of the American Dream: to provide your children with a better life than you had. But one thing that concerns me about being a parent is that my daughters will probably not have as comfortable an upbringing as my other half and I did.  I though, are doing something about it as a priority.

There are leaders who wish to make that difference and I have meet them, broken bread with them and enjoyed conversations on a level playing field.  We are all but men and women of the world, in the world and it is our actions that will shape the future for all we leave behind.

If you don’t like other people’s opinions, then stop the world and get off.
Three people I have great respect for, in the so much, they are doers, they don’t sit on a throne and espouse grandiose plans that can never come to fruition. They are workers at their craft, Jeb Bush, who I have known since the early nineties, Governor Gary Herbert, Utah, who replaced Jon Huntsman Jr., and recently, very recently, Mayor Ballard, Indianapolis, Indiana.  These folks have visions, importantly achievable visions for the people.  With common sense and know that they have surround themselves with people who are good at their jobs, have opinions that are voiced and understand the dream for us all. It is an inner part of their make-up.

Folks, it is about people, receiving a good base in education, living in a community that is safe and being able to work, bringing home a paycheck giving that self-worth and esteem to all.

So, I hold no malice to those that have not got to a level in life where you can take the hits, listen to people with differing views without slamming the door in their face and taking away the key.

Enjoy your weekend and take deep breaths and look around you and see why we must all change…

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Friday, March 8, 2013

What? Say That Again Please...

I Wish I Could Spring Forward 
and Never Stop…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

Going through some difficult times and have for the second time in my life been placed in the Cone of Silence.  I have lost my hearing and the notes on the notice board, tab sheet at the local store, oh and the lamp post signs with a reward, has brought nothing, no good leads.  So if you find my hearing please call me. 

Hang on, I will not hear the call and I would not be able to hear you speak either.  In that case, email or text, which will work!  No, I will have to be sitting in front of my computer or looking at the screen of my mobile to see the text or email come in.  I don’t have time for that or do I?

I am a total bear right now, frustration abounds, as I have attended meetings and tried to act normal, as if I can hear.  I cannot!  I lip read pretty well, an art I had to adapt to, as a surveillance technique.  It is alright, but so not the same. 

When I have a little hearing in my right ear, other sounds infect the air and are fighting for my attention.  The concentration is horrendous, tiring and competitive sounds are cancelling each other out.  Someone saying something to me out of my view is not fun, I feel as if I am ignoring them and nodding and uttering yes and no, if at the wrong time it makes you look and feel like a fool.

Text messaging as the only means of direct communicating does not work for me.  Emails are not really real time and when answering, you go off on tangents and wind your way back.  Not working…

To say it is annoying is an understatement, to say I am annoying, is a massive understatement to those around me.  In fact, you can say anything you want, I cannot hear you!

I am also concerned I don’t shout or reply too loud, you know, like having a headset on and replying at ten times the volume, shouting, we have all done it.  The difference is you take the headsets off and hear normally, I can’t…

It is also a fact I cannot hear the screams or gunshots from the streets.  The incessant cries for help to lead better lives, find a job and feed the family.  I am audibly void of these facts, but in my mind and heart, I know it.  I understand that we are failing as a silent society with our ignorance and the “me” syndrome.  You know, shut the door, close the curtains or blinds, if you can afford them and live in your socially silent world.

Not only does society, including business, close a blind eye and turn the audio off expecting it to all go away with the wash of NIMBY, (Not In My Back Yard) disorder.  It does not, children are dying, babies are crying, bullets take another life every single night and you shut the door on the world!

On Sunday you gain an hour, we spring forward, well most of us in the USA do.  You lose an hour, the night before someone lost their life, others could not eat and some turnover on the pavement, which is where they have slept, or tried too.

Mothers worry about where there child is and what trouble they have been in.  So while you are looking for your lost hour, do yourself a favor, think of others and all the hours, children, opportunities and life itself that have been lost and gone forever.

I have no problems compared with the rest of humanity, my hearing has a chance to come back.  I can still write, think and may be human once again.

So, if you have a real suggestion on regaining my hearing, irrigation by the way is not working, so any “old wives tale” or if you a doctor or play one on radio, email me please.

I was thinking, “Can You Hear Me Now?”  No!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

What You Can You Do For Yourself...

E-Commerce? No Entitlements Stupid…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

I have had so many responses from our daily muse.  I have read, digested and bring some points being made to you.

It is definitely a different world from where we grew up. Hard work now means nothing. It is true that there are those who take advantage of others in the world and come from an entitlement paradigm. However, it is important to remember that these people probably grew up in an environment where they learned these entitlement behaviors from their parents, family and neighbors.

From my experience most people come from a place where they are responsible and given a choice that they will make the right decisions.

We need to help those who are not aware they have other choices other than entitlements and place Pride back into their lives.  Social and employment make a far-reaching difference!

Your honorable word means for it to be worth something, does it not?  Doing the right thing, working hard and caring about how you treat others, seems to be gone, but not for good.  Yet our government is BROKE and the laws continue to favor those healthy individuals without a job who choose to stay unemployed and the divorcees that enjoyed a life of opulence while married get lifetime alimony. There is no way a country can survive on the backs of 40% work force. Soon enough we'll see and experience what we (voters, legislators, and judges) have done to ourselves. When the ship sinks, everyone gets wet!

Then you have folks who share the following words on Facebook and television comment lines.  Whilst there is some truth in the statements, it is this gentlemen’s last lines that troubles me.

“It's these young people who can't talk to each other anymore. Their parents have taught them to get everything they can from anyone they can. Steal what you want, live on welfare, have them pay your rent, pay your utilities, pay everything. They encourage them to walk around with their pants half down to show their underwear?

How stupid do they look?

They ALL need to be exterminated. Period.

Reality is a sad truth my friend. Some people can't function in this society, face it. We would be better off without them. Sad but true.”

He seems to think by eradicating a portion of society all will be well.  A man called Hitler tried that by killing and exterminating 6 million Jews, it does not work and nor should it be an option!

It has to be a simple steps to make the radical change, placing Trust, Respect and Pride back into the communities.  Busy hands and minds are productive and allows for the individual to focus on positive aspects of their lives.

It is a full community involvement, kids, teens, Mothers, families and the community services, which include code enforcement, cleaning up the neighborhoods, community policing which will know their community beat and the folks who reside within.  Importantly a collective cohesive circle of positive thinking and results for all.  It is a fundamental change to have pride in what you do, where you live and treat each other.  Even the public service employees will notice the daily uplifting effect.  Remember they too are in the community and live half their lives there and do want to improve the situation.  It is distressing for all to be among this blight and failure, mentally and physically, we need to smile, converse and witness change and success, it is good for the body and the soul.

As one of my partners states regularly, “Onward and Upward!”

In fact we are all entitled to success and the Pied Piper Project takes care of that from all sides!

Follow me…

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Government & Business, are just standing by...

The Bus Is Outta Control…
By Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, 
Tracometry Group of Companies.

"Yeah, then everybody is screaming because the driver, he's passed out because of all the commotion. The bus is out of control! So I grab him by the collar, I take him out of the seat, I get behind the wheel... Now I'm driving the bus!" Seinfeld…

Yes, this is the Seinfeld and only a television program.  You see, in real life no one cares, no one gives a damn, not even Clarke Gable.

It is not just the leadership in the White House or those high and mighty politicians who you elected on Capitol Hill that do not care, it seems everyone is not interested in living a life that can be enjoyed.  This morning, people are more interested in the death of Chavez in Venezuela or what the Kardashians are up to, rather than another shooting and death in their own backyard.

Governors, state politicians, city officials and their staff can only do so much.  This is a national crisis and even the streets are not listening!  When top leaders of a nation show no interest in controlling situations regarding the nation’s finances, which is the root of all economic decision making, the bus is outta control! No one competent is at the wheel or steering it down the highway of life.

Take Indiana, crime in communities and neighborhoods is rife. The newly elected governor is only weeks into his term of office and from his background, has a strong leaning against crime and all that it brings.  He is but one man, backed by state agencies, who have been there fighting these issues the best they know how, followed with county and cities being the front-line troops taking the brunt and summoning the emergency services and body bags. 

It is the economy stupid! People without income, poor people, are bored to death and just like a pacing caged lion, will fight at the slightest opportunity to show they still have something.  The fact is they have lost everything.  The finances of cities, counties and the state are in poor shape and resources have to be rationed.  Why does life itself?

The officials have a thousand problems on the streets and the media, microphone and camera in hand, want answers.  Open your ears and eyes, the answers to your questions are flashing from gun muzzles in front of your very eyes.  People killing people, children killing children on the streets of every city USA.

Testicular fortitude is required!

I have recently met “like-minded people”, who fully understand what has to happen.  They are in positions that can and are attempting to make the difference.  They recognize the symptoms and have the answers and solutions, some are very young and live among the daily surge of violence and want to change their vista, others, are leaders, management who have the resources, although not flush with full financial coffers, they understand what is required to make the change.

I awoke this morning to an email alert for the local WTHR television station:

Breaking news from the Eyewitness News team:

          Multiple people shot at east Indianapolis residence

Police say multiple people have been shot on the east side of Indianapolis.
There was no confirmation at this time about injuries from the shooting, which occurred around 8 p.m. in the 1800 block of Edinburge Square, which is near East 16th Street and I-465.


Police say four people have been shot, one fatally, on the east side of Indianapolis.

One person was killed in the shooting, which occurred around 8 p.m. in the 1800 block of Edinburge Square, which is near East 16th Street and I-465. Another victim is listed in critical condition and a third victim is in serious condition.

A fourth shooting victim was treated at the scene for a gunshot wound.
Police have no information on a possible motive for the shooting and say the suspect is still at large. They are looking for a dark-colored vehicle with two black males inside that was seen leaving the scene immediately following the shooting.

As Paul Harvey would have said, “the rest of the story”:

Residents of the apartment complex where the shooting happened tell Eyewitness News they are shocked and that nothing like this has ever happened in their community.

"I just heard the gun sounds, thought, 'No, not in Wellington Village!' Nothing like that happens here," said resident Kyana Waller.

Waller was very close to the shooting when it occurred.

"I heard more shots and ran into my mother's room. She told me to get away from the window and about five minutes later, the police and ambulance arrived," Waller said.

She told Eyewitness News she grew up with the man who is reported in critical condition at Wishard Hospital.

"I never knew him to have any enemies. He just got off work and his mom said he changed clothes and went to hang with his friends," Waller said.

This same scene is playing out all across America and our so called communities are going to hell in a hang-basket in front of our eyes.

Can you honestly sit and stand there and let this happen?

I cannot and will not!

Corporately, individually and as a concerned citizen, I have to challenge the situation, knowing I have answers.

Where are the ears to listen, implement and change before total anarchy takes over?  People are fed up to their back teeth with the situation and need a torch, a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel of darkness.

The bus is outta control…

Who will step up and stand beside us and bring Trust, Respect and Pride back?

We have the answers…

There is an audience waiting and the spotlight is ready to shine on those that will entertain the challenge.  The script is in hand and may have learnt their lines and ready to act for the sake of us all…

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

We get the darnedest projects and never say no...

I'm Mad As Hell and Not Going To Take It Any More...
by Nick Ashton, CEO/Founder, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Project Summary
We have been asked to assist in the following, in a manner where our expertise, technology and community awareness, is focused for a result that instills the facts of the immense human problem of children killing children, family and street life, solutions and a life with reduced violence, so a near normal life can lived day to day.
The Teen Unity Project is children, young ambassadors for the prevention of violence, discussing the solutions and producing a video message/documentary of their views, ideas and importantly their actions. The documentary will explain their concerns, disgust of the situation.  Their elders, parents and government have failed them and they have to take the bull by the horns, so to speak.
They are mad as hell and not going to take it any more…
Instead of resorting to beating us all over the head, in a violent manner, they have turned to using pictures, moving pictures, and words from their own mouths, scenes from the streets to reach out and ask for help.  Rejection and failure to complete this Teen Unity Project will devastate them as a group, individuals and prove they were wrong about us and where we really stand. 
Stand beside them, walk with them, and invest in a project that will make a difference worldwide, in regard to teen violence, killings and downright bullying.  Do not let it slip by as we have no time to reach out ever again.  It is traveling at breakneck speed and like our planets, is as close as it is going to get in our lifetime.  Teen violence growing exponentially and is moving away from while it intensifies, kills more and absorbed more young people into the death trap of the streets and we have no capability to catch-up and solve, if we do not act now!
The time frame for this and our initial connection is on more than a short fuse, as is the overall problem.  Easily, we could say, sure, next year!  You now that next year never comes as it is always today. It is a project that is wonderful in concept and short on the normal problem of life, CA$H.  They have no budget whatsoever and have laid their cards on the table. 
Martin Luther King, Jr, said:
“Our Lives Begin To End The Day We Become Silent About Things That Matter.”
This is an ethnic problem and encompasses all children, the fact is, some say, it is, in Indianapolis, an African American problem. In point, it is a youth violence problem and there is a solution for all.
Achievable?  Yes, and brilliantly with financial assistance.  Tracometry has evaluated the project, completed its own study of the real facts of the issues and their wanted results.  We can produce a documentary of meaning, addressing the problem, sharing the solution with the children and young people involved at the grass roots level.  They are wanting to stop the violence, lead normal lives and stop others from leaving this earth before their real time is up.  They want to delay the inevitable and lead productive lives and not the lives they are surrounded by on the streets, in their own homes and communities.
The recognition of the problems of their environment is a gigantic step and must be embraced, nurtured, expanded and actioned.  You never stifle enthusiasm, innovation or forward thinking!  Simply put, they want to do something about it, NOW!
Here is an extract from their proposal:
The Indianapolis Chapter of Indiana Black Expo, Inc. (IC-IBE) will facilitate roundtable discussions that promote unity among urban youth ages 12-19. The goal is to build support for effective, sustainable efforts to prevent dis-unity and the problems it creates before it occurs so that our youth can thrive in safe environments with supportive relationships and opportunities for success. These forums will take place at the Walker Theater on May 13th, June 10th, and July 8th leading up to Indiana Black Expo's 2013 Summer Celebration in July and culminating with a youth produced social science documentary that captures and disseminates best, promising and emerging practices for promoting unity in the community among youth from their perspective.
Research has documented the magnitude of youth violence and the trends in that violence over time. But what do we know about why young people become involved in violence? Why do some youths get caught up in violence while others do not? There is no simple answer to these questions, but scientists have identified a number of things that put children and adolescents at risk of violent behavior and some things that seem to protect them from the effects of risk.
The Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General (2001) states, "The most powerful early predictors of violence at age 15 to 18 are involvement in general offenses (serious, but not necessarily violent, criminal acts) and substance use. Moderate factors are being male, aggressiveness, low family socioeconomic status/poverty, and antisocial parents." While these risk factors are not necessarily causes of violence, they are predictors that lead to the inference that violence is preventable and not inevitable. With this in mind, what are the overriding indicators that have impacted Indianapolis and how can we discover the causes and implement relevant solutions?

According to the Indiana Black Expo's 2012 State of Our Black Youth (SOBY) Report, 33.1% of the total youth population in Indianapolis is African American. Additionally, 38.1% of African American children live in poverty, 60.1% of these families are headed by single mothers, and there are 56 juvenile delinquency case filings for African American children per 1,000 African American children ages 10-17 (2012 SOBY Report). Data such as this combined with the 2001 Surgeon General's Report on risk factors for youth violence has led to an unfortunate misperception that youth violence is synonymous with the African American youth culture.
During the 2010 IBE Summer Celebration, several incidents involving youth violence
occurred including a shooting. Most recently, incidents involving youth violence have
occurred in and around Circle Center Mall and Fountain Square. The Indianapolis community would benefit tremendously from IC-IBE's Teen Unity Project because it presents a very unique opportunity to explore this controversial topic by facilitating genuine community dialogue around stereotypes vs. reality and potential solutions from the youth themselves. Because the humanistic method teaches a wide variety of skills which are needed to function in today's world — basic skills such as reading, writing and computation, as well as skills in communicating, thinking, decision-making, problem-solving and knowing oneself, the roundtable format is an especially effective way to guide discussion and solutions to recent youth issues in our community.

An evaluation of the Teen Unity Project will be completed to measure the effectiveness of developing youth ambassadors that influence practices and policies in collaboration with partner organizations that impact these outcomes. The evaluation will describe the planning and activities of the Teen Unity Project and measure the implementation activities (outputs) that result from roundtable discussions and in the screenings of a youth produced documentary on promoting unity among youth and violence prevention. This will require:
·         An initial participant survey to measure the youth and community's perception of youth unity in Indianapolis.
·         A participant survey after each roundtable discussion.
·         A documentary review to evaluate the viewers' perception of youth violence in Indianapolis and how the presentation impacted their view as a result.
·         Partner Organization Survey to assess the impact of the Teen Unity Plan and how they plan to implement and continue to work with youth ambassadors.

In all of their information the dream is the documentary and nowhere is there anything on how they will shoot the video, script, edit and in a format that is presentable for a large audience.  The concept is brilliant, the emphasis is all on the meetings, discussion and final end meetings and viewing of the finished documentary.  The bread and butter is there, just no filling.

Their budget sadly, is next to nothing, under $1,500 in cash and a further $1,500 in kind.

This is not going to achieve the dream or the goal.  If it was presented to stir a need for help, it did!

To produce this project we are hourly running out of time and this cannot be put off.  The problem of violence within our communities and with our youth will continue and at an alarming rate.

By next Friday (March 8th, 2013) or before, we require $25,000 to achieve the goals and beyond, that simple and that factual.

Time to think, to give back and see the change that will occur. 

We are moving at lightning speed. Why? For decades we have ignored the escalating problems, the brakes need to be applied to stop the nonsense and save the lives of our youth.

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