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Communication Change Facilitators

Communication Change Facilitators
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Monday April 7th, 2014 is an important day in the life of all communicators, especially in the public safety sector.  The announcement of a far more secure way of communicating via the Internet, Smart Mobile Phone and the Tablet’s ability to take pictures, video and listen, is now at the fore front of evidence and event gathering for all. 

Included, is the means to document without a pen or paper.  True paperless applications have come of age, although it is impossible to be totally paperless. 

Then, we add the ability for those that require absolute connectivity a further means to virtually also be in constant communications.  Police cars, Fire trucks, Ambulance and Mobile HQ.

Making you in a “surround communications experience”.  Whilst enveloped in an anonymous environment of a secure end to end, data in motion, bullet resistant tunnel.  No prying eyes, hackers, phishers or man in the middle brutal attackers are able to see what you are corporately transmitting to your back-end servers.

Public Safety Departments and Emergency Management Worldwide, Meet Your Change Facilitators! It has never been so RIGHT!

Watch This Space... The Time Has Come... All will be revealed April 7th, 2014. Sneak Peek on The Communications Event that Brings Proactivity to the Fore Front... CommSmart US

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