Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Cyber Cull Is Real!

The Cyber Cull is Real!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Your Own Governments are Hacking You!

Sadly, the majority of corporation's leadership worldwide, have no idea of the ramifications of the effects and implications of the normal day to day business of storing and accessing stored data.

The safety of writing with a pen and paper is long gone.  The physical filing room, with fireproof file cabinets under lock and key, have for the most part vanished.  It is the digital age of 1's and 0's.  With the so-called protection of a human made-up password, that is forgotten, shared, stolen and forgotten on too many occasions. 

The sacred sanctity of privacy is no more!

What, in a few short years has driven us to these times?  Stupidity, ignorance, or maybe we all have been lead to trust in others, instead of doing for ourselves.

Logic it seems has flown the coup and left a bubbling mindset of an unsocial world of "them" and "us".

Compuserve and AOL were the first for linking people as far back as the 1980's, with Bulletin Boards and means for people to connect with messaging and filing sharing.  A harmless means of communications using landline telephones and slow modems.

In 1983, I was the CEO of Commercial Databanks who was the first commercial means of electronic messaging.  Using Texas Instrument "dumb terminals" with a built-in 300 baud modem, that could use a landline phone anywhere to collect your messages from your assigned electronic pigeon hole.  No screen, it was printed on paper and could either be kept and filed or destroyed.

Pioneers so to speak, fully understanding the potential of information sharing and its capabilities.  Not like the disaster in anti-social activities we have today.

It was in 1976 that my first cyber steps were taken with computers, both hardware and software, limited to say the least for commercial opportunities. Thankfully our great team of Rod Smith, marketing, Alf Lilford and Colin Taplin, both ex-Royal Air Force computer technology "nerds", with an immense knowledge and foresight, worked in harmony and with an incredible vision of the road ahead.  I have never forgotten the gleaned knowledge of those days.

As we hyper travel back to today, the issues are not ones of looking forward and understanding the power of the computer, it is the complacency of those who are taking for granted the day to day activities and reliance of the cyber machine.

Boards and C-Level Executives have taken their finger off the button of logical understanding.  Not realizing, that the world of cyber is more important to be cohesive in working with marketing, production, transportation, accounting, customer service and significantly, shareholders and customers/clients.

When you are entrusted with information of a sensitive nature, you must, no, it is demanded that you take every available step to protect and secure from theft, prying eyes and misuse.

Your information technology individuals and departments can only execute the above rules if they are competent and have the budget to accomplish the procedures.  

The daily task of normal cyber maintenance is more than a run-of-the-mill operation.  With so many cyber front doors being opened and supposedly closed, just like us humans, we leave lights on, taps dripping and keys in locks. We are failures at so many simple daily tasks and it does not seem that anyone cares, let alone looks at the checks and balances.

A message to your IT department, "you might be secure today, but tomorrow is a whole different story".

You can ill-afford to be next headline, like Hyatt Hotels or whoever is front page cyber hacking news today!

That is why we at Red Tagged are so direct!  

We have amassed a worldwide diverse team with decades of knowledge in all areas of business and cyber concerns. Understanding the day-to-day running of a conglomerate, marketing, production, transportation, accounting, customer service and importantly, the Information Technology Department.

Red Tagged speaks your language, clearly, precisely and directly!

It is one thing to know about Malware threat potential and recognizing it once it has happened.  It is a totally different story when you can defend against it and maintain the cyber security that is demanded today.

There is the difference with Red Tagged, we not only know about, we have the solutions!

As Cyber Forensic Anthropologists, we understand the layers of complexity that have been unfortunately hidden for years. The changes in cyber management bring new ideas which are laid over existing issues which are never rectified. I can assure you, hidden inside your computer servers are programs still running, collecting information and not part of your cyber security solution today, leaving a vulnerability factor you can ill-afford.

Once the baseline is established and rectified by Red Tagged's team, you will be able to maintain the cyber security with continuing service and solutions that you will have in place and control.

Make 2017 your year to securely control the entrusted data of 
your important shareholders, customers, and clients.



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Monday, March 6, 2017

International Repository of Analysis for Terrorism/Cyber Crimes

International Repository of Analysis 
for Terrorism/Cyber Crimes

The communication barriers are removed!  No more excuses that one country or agency cannot share information in ‘real time’.  The major requisite for information sharing has never been so prevalent than today.

We have known the issues for decades and chosen to ignore or thought that costs would be prohibitive.  Not anymore!

CommSmart Global team with our Red Tagged division has the proven crime analytics solution for a secure global sharing repository for all information on terrorism and cyber-crime.  One centralized repository with full analytics and predictive analysis with each member. 

Each entity will be able to share information without changing their internal administrative software, saving billions in expenditure, which be used to fight the issues.

The attacks in Belgium have proven categorically that the lack of ‘real’ information and the ability to share with other agencies has hampered the investigations.  This is not just an isolated problem, it is a global communications pandemic.

The change is demanded in the uncivilized world.

It is time to dump the bureaucratic red tape once and for all.  If we care about fighting both terrorism and cyber-crime the time is NOW!

The time to change, is now…

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