Monday, March 6, 2017

International Repository of Analysis for Terrorism/Cyber Crimes

International Repository of Analysis 
for Terrorism/Cyber Crimes

The communication barriers are removed!  No more excuses that one country or agency cannot share information in ‘real time’.  The major requisite for information sharing has never been so prevalent than today.

We have known the issues for decades and chosen to ignore or thought that costs would be prohibitive.  Not anymore!

CommSmart Global team with our Red Tagged division has the proven crime analytics solution for a secure global sharing repository for all information on terrorism and cyber-crime.  One centralized repository with full analytics and predictive analysis with each member. 

Each entity will be able to share information without changing their internal administrative software, saving billions in expenditure, which be used to fight the issues.

The attacks in Belgium have proven categorically that the lack of ‘real’ information and the ability to share with other agencies has hampered the investigations.  This is not just an isolated problem, it is a global communications pandemic.

The change is demanded in the uncivilized world.

It is time to dump the bureaucratic red tape once and for all.  If we care about fighting both terrorism and cyber-crime the time is NOW!

The time to change, is now…

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