Saturday, March 4, 2017


by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Too many times we are hearing the Bad Apple Syndrome concerns.  Wait for a second, there is a proliferation of stinking apples globally in many industries and one not to be missed is law enforcement.

"Understanding How Good People Turn Evil,”  Not good in the one industry that you rely on for protecting you from the criminals when among them are major issues.

Bad apples, like potatoes, smell and when left to rot, contaminate the rest of the barrel or barn.  Is it just one or two or is it the container, or the barrel itself?

The imaginary line between good and evil, we like to believe that it’s impermeable. 

We have good on one side, the bad guys and girls, they are on that other side, simply, the bad people will never become good, and the good will never become bad. 

That is so much Bovine Slurry, it stinks! 

That line is … permeable, penetrable and full of holes. Just like human cells or the coastal tides, material flows in and out. When it does, then it will allow some ordinary people like you to become perpetrators and purveyors of evil.

Top of the mind regarding this is Baltimore Police Department and the report of the other day of the internal issues.  Corruption, bullying and downright criminal and societal acts have been festering for generations.

Just bullying of individuals is a major concern and is the basis of attitude.  Sure we have all got out of the wrong side of the bed, so to speak.  Coming into work and being ridiculed, challenged and put upon by your leadership is not really the way of human society, but it is and you know it!

That forced mindset attitude now goes with that officer onto the streets and you better not be the first person who he or she confronts!  No wonder we have issues!

It is not just law enforcement, it is in every single corporation or the 'barrel'.  In fact, it is the manufacturer of the 'barrel' or the total industry itself globally.

You know us, CommSmart Global Group as technology people, we are much more than that, to be proficient we must understand all.  People, traits, machines, and the end results.  That is why we are Change Agents, we see the whole landscape and address at all levels with acceptable results.

Think about your barrel and the rotten apples that must be tossed...

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