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The Streets, People, the Plethora of Proactive Information

The Streets, People, 
the Plethora of Proactive Information 
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

It is stated that 98% of all policing is reactionary. 

Professional crime-fighting today and for the last thirty-five years relies predominantly on three tactics:

(1) Vehicle patrol
(2) Rapid response to calls for service
(3) Retrospective investigation of crime

Over the past few decades, police responsiveness has been enhanced by connecting law enforcement to citizens by improved communications, including mobile phones, social media, cameras, both public and private, and by matching police officer schedules and locations to anticipated calls for service.  The police focus on serious crime has also been sharpened by screening calls for service, targeting patrol, and developing forensic technology (e.g., automated fingerprint systems, computerized criminal record files, basic analytic data etc.)

Although this tactic has scored successes, it has been criticized within and outside policing for being reactive rather than proactive. They have also been criticized for failing to prevent crime.

Reactive tactics have some virtues, of course. The police go where crimes have occurred and when citizens have summoned them; otherwise, they do not intrude. The police keep their distance from the community, and thereby retain their impartiality. They do not develop the sorts of relationships with citizens that could bias their responses to crime incidents.

It comes right down to Intelligence Gathering, pure and simple! Then having the analytic tools to understand what information connections you have.

Social Media Monitoring is more than looking at a Twitter or Facebook accounts or other social media, it is knowing the connections, messages, photographs, GPS location and their ‘live’ video transmissions.  Times have changed, it is not the smoke-filled pub, club or meeting place, it was their mouth than was running, telling all, bragging.  It is now their fingers and thumbs that tell us all!

Under the Nine Peelian Principles, ‘the people are the police and the police are the people’.  You must have a dialogue with the citizenry, after all, they are close to everything, family, friends, and those miscreants of crime.  They are the closest and best informed, they are within the atmosphere of life, what we call Atmospherics.

Do not be in a fog regarding what has occurred, the fog or atmosphere is likened to being surrounded with information. 

That is Atmospherics!

Street level data is the lifeblood of policing if only you work in reverse, proactively, collecting the sounds and actions of individuals and communities.

Imperative information on gangs, drug/human traffickers, child sexual exploiters, fraud, scammers and basically all crimes against society. Information is there and ready to be collected, analyzed and acted upon. 

As we have stated over and over again, ‘Someone, Somewhere, Always Knows Something’.  Fact, not fiction, sadly getting those ‘in the know’ to talk, share or spill the beans, it is an art form and continues to be difficult to enact.

If you hear the sound of a trumpet or chest beating right now, there is a simple, straightforward reason.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risks Solution Partner, has in service globally, tactics, techniques and proven predictive solutions for proactive crime fighting. 

There, we said!

Our passion and expertise are more than just marketing, which by the way, there is nothing wrong with.  It is the knowledge that collectively, our amassed expertise and solutions are right here, now ready to work side by side with your departments.
Our team leaders have decades of Street Smart Knowledge on all sides of the coin, policing, cyber requirements and most importantly, change and how the impact can only be professional for both those employed to protect and serve and the community recipients.

Do not procrastinate any longer, contact, discuss and find out why globally CommSmart Global Group is #1 in:
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Billions of Public Records Data
  • Crime Analytics
  • Community Crime Mapping
  • Predictive Analysis
  •  Coaching & Mentoring
  •  Change Agency
Knowing what is in the atmosphere, is more than vital. 

Atmospherics is the Key!

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner has decades of law enforcement background with Change Agents, Cybercrime Analysts, ex-London Metropolitan Police Officers, Chiefs of Police and Sheriff Commanders on staff, including the former San Diego Commander, who was tasked to assist in the development of ARJIS. 

Our involvement in counter-terrorism and cybercrime internationally allows us to think and act with the confidence demanded in these dire times.  We understand all concerns, methodology and speak the right language to you all.

Our solutions are available now and will be discussed via telephone with established law enforcement agencies.  Call or email us for verification.  Then, we can discuss and demonstrate.  Oh, have a cup of coffee at hand, afterward, you will understand why.


Contact and start hearing your own trumpets and chest beating, with your own Proactive Atmospheric Success!

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