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Not Fulfilling Your Potential Are You Listening To, Too Many Backseat Drivers?

Not Fulfilling Your Potential
Are You Listening To, Too Many Backseat Drivers?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Global Group

(Keep you mind on your drivin')
(Keep you hands on the wheel)
(Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead)

Yes, song lyrics from 1959 about being distracted.  With the information flow of today, are you being sidelined by news, events, internal chatter which has not one iota of concern to what your business should be focusing on?

When you started your business you were focused, pumped and worked many a day without sleep to get your dreams and ideas off to a successful start.  Some, the success is handed to them on a plate and have never worked in the sense of the word, a day in their lives.

It is true, "nothing comes easy" and nor should it.  It is time to step back on many fronts, looking at how your company is being run, who is running it and have you the same gumption you had when you started? 

It is not 1959 and never will be again, it was the era of Blue Suede Shoes, Living Dolls and Ed Sullivan.  In '59 you turned on your Black and White television set and you knew what this was.  Today, you Google it!

It is time to concentrate once again.  We are being bombarded with diversions of one thing or another.  Too many backseat drivers opinions and those that believe they know-it-all.  

Business has to be planned, the road map if you like, which today is available via GPS or a Dashboard on your computer.  When creating your business platform, it is yours and you can listen to others, but stick to the plan and adapt.

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes and there is none more prevalent than cyber terrorists.  The Hacker, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers that want what you have and not sweat a day for it!

Your client base has entrusted you with information that your are storing, not in a metal filing cabinet as it would have been in 1959, but on computer servers, silos if you wish.  This is their information and it must not fall into the wrong hands.  It must be protected at all costs!

Once upon a time we never had to lock our doors, we trusted everybody. Today, you trust no one!  Not even members of your family...

So ask yourself a simple question, is all that you do corporately and to those you have entrusted all on the same page as you?  

Do your sales and marketing teams do their job?  Is your management team really working for you and your conceived plans?

It cannot be true that 70% of sales people suck at what they do, can it?

That your IT department are working in the dark, because their management has never been upgraded to the issues of the day?  Or you never gave them the right budget to fight cyber crime?  Which is it?

Sometimes we need to be slapped back into reality or cold bucket of water thrown in our face, do we not?

(So, keep your mind on your company)
(Your hands firmly on the wheel)
(and yours mind on the internal and external works of your company)

It is a catchy tune with merit don't you think...

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