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Pissing Someone Off...

Pissing Someone Off...
By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

We all have enemies, there are no goody two shoes in this world. 

If you’re not pissing someone off, you probably aren’t doing anything important.

Meaningful achievements are, perversely, more likely to annoy the world around you and you must smile at the morons who read deeply into the events and believe they all about them.  Carly Simon said it best in her song "Your So Vain, You Probably Think This Song Is About".

The simple fact of life is, whatever you do, you’re going to annoy someone, and annoying someone can be a really good thing. There is virtue of being an occasional asshole.

Successful people can sometimes come over like assholes and it is because they’ve learned there are far more important things in this world than what other people feel.  Straight talking is the key and those that challenge and malign with inaccurate statements, which are even liable comments, need to curb their tongues, fingers, and excuses for brains. 

There are vindictive individuals who believe they can make statements and concoct information and it will do harm to the party in question, both financially and personally. 

I call them "sick bastards"!  In fact, my inner self-does that, really I could care less what they think or do.  That is really not the whole truth, it hurts, but I have exercised my ability to ignore and smile, that they would think they can harm me.   Whilst they attack me, they taking away their own energy to be a success for themselves.  Showing that they are not even in the same league of capable success.

I have had this for thirteen years and refuse to respond to their sordid rhetoric. I will not give them the time of day and nor do my business partners and colleagues. 

Does it hurt when someone questions your veracity, your ethics, and morals?  

Of course, it does when they are untrue and stated in jealousy or anger.  It is the inner pain that you have to address in their statements and comments to others who are gullible enough to believe the statements.

I have moved on and so has my deathwish for the original individual who started it all and the "anonymous" additions of lies that have amassed over time.

So to my original blog post:

Jumping to conclusions is a dumb thing to do because it means you don't actually consider any other possibilities. You are assuming something. 

For example, if you lost something/had it stolen, and you saw someone with an exact copy of that thing, you might automatically assume that person stole it, but they might just have one themselves. And if you accused them wrongly, that would be a bad situation.

It also relates to anything you read on the Internet or someone else has read, sends it to you and is now it is a vicious circle of lies that some believe is true and then is repeated.

Here is the problem. If it had been created by an individual, who was wanting to spread untrue rumors, those who then read, share and copy the unsubstantiated information, are as guilty as the original creator and are doing his or her dirty work, in spreading the so called truths.  It then becomes a damaging circle and harms all.

It's wrong because without all of the information the conclusion is very likely inaccurate and based mostly on a fantasy created to fill the gaps of the missing information, which is generally based on assumptions out of context.

If it is a sadistic individual who is wanting to do harm with slanderous remarks and others copy or believe the originator is having do his deed for him.

Everything on the Internet is not true and sadly cannot be removed, it is there

When it happens to you, you will deeply understand the issue and wish they would just go away.  To answer the electronic stalker only gives satisfaction to the originator and stirs them more, knowing they have you angry, which is their goal.

If you have never checked with the individual concerned to verify the information and just take it at face value, what type of person are you?

So think hard before you get involved in Jumping to Conclusions.

If we have nothing good to say, we should keep quiet and control our tongue. ... that their words can cause a great deal of harm to the feelings or reputation of other people 
Prophet Muhammad

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