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The Ludicrous Facts that the Inner Culture of Your Corporation or City is Killing You & Society.

The Ludicrous Facts that the Inner Culture of 
Your Corporation or City is Killing You & Society.
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Let us just make a point if I may.

In 1970, the do-gooders and tree huggers got together and chose April 22nd as Earth Day.  

It happens to be my birthday and I laid claim to this day a lot early than they did.  Now, in my 67th year and grow into a knowledgeable realist of sorts, I feel I have the answers and solutions due to the fact I have lived and shared them in the personal and corporate world successfully.

Oh, there are those that truly hate me and tried to bring me down because of my strong opinions and attitude to society today.  I ignore them and so should you.  They have written obscene and extremely silly situations that are so far-fetched, it would be laughable.  Sadly, there are those who further my stalker's comments by actually believe them and sharing their comments. 

Just because it is written and published on the web does not make it true!

I have one right now, who thinks he is in one of those 'got you moments'.   He is not and is pushing out his pathetic chest as he has told his bosses I am some sort 'bad guy'.  I am not, I stand tall, speak my mind with proven ability and ignore those who believe the Bovie Slurry of the Internet.

It would listenable if the chest puffing individual was actually performing his tasks, he is not.  He is concerned that someone else, with more knowledge and expertise, is coming onboard and will annihilate his being.  We shall and we do!

Our clients trust us and when we work on counterterrorism cases and cybercrime issues we do so with strict confidence.  In fact, our attorneys make sure we do and never reveal any confidentiality whatsoever.  

It is about TRUST, getting the job done in the most professional manner.  It is all about the fact-finding, information gathering and then the analytics thereof, that makes us stand apart.

It is not 'cockiness' or ego, it is about accomplishing the tasks at hand, working with professional leaders who allow us to take control and resolve the issues.

CommSmart Global has an incredible team that listens, learns and innovatively creates the solutions.  

We do not take NO for answer and globally, have seen it all.  

The C-Levels of corporations are destroying the inner culture of their companies and diluting the abilities to be a success for a couple of reasons.  Power is one, the 'know it all' attitude and managerial bullying of both sexes and at all levels of employees.  

By the way, the C-Suite are employees as well and they had better not forget it!

Public Safety and especially Law Enforcement is a prime and disastrous example of failure.  Companies and organizations are being run by 'Fear', yes threatening fear tactics and have been there for decades.  

It is in the culture and bleeds into their DNA!

The employees are the heart and soul of a company, though many a CEO thinks they are and are so egotistical they believe they are Gods.  they are not!

Shareholders and in the case of Law Enforcement, the clients, customers, and community are being ill-served by these individuals.

Knowing your employees, their passion, competencies is key to success.  In fact, one department in all companies, large or small is being ignored, brushed aside, hidden and in some cases made totally invisible, that the H.R. Department.  This is the inner working engine that has to be deprived of resources and totally used for the wrong reasons.  

It is going to STOP being used in this manner!

The law of the land is in jeopardy.  It is being destroyed at an even faster rate that we could have imagined.  

2015 was not a good year for the boys in blue. The frontline police officers were placed in harm's way by an inner culture of rebels who were further driven by politicians.  It is still continuing and getting worse by the event.

CommSmart Global has the answers and the likes of Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago Illinois and many others need to have CHANGE NOW!  

That is what we do, we change from within.  It is going to be a culture shock to many as they think they do no wrong.  There are many who should have never been hired for employment within Law Enforcement in the first place.  

They will be GONE!

There is no more time left, the heat of summer is here and we all know that crime at all levels increases. You know you're not ready for this diabolical period of insanity, but you can be. 

CommSmart Global has the capabilities for this Necessary CHANGE to take place.


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