Wednesday, August 28, 2019

This Is Digital Policing In The NOW!

This Is Digital Policing In The NOW!

For more information on LENSS (Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution).


The Total Data Sharing Force Multiplier, which is a historical event chain in Real-Time for Street-Level Officers, Detectives & Management. Plus, the Global Currency Tracking/Money Laundering Solution for ‘Drug Buys, Organized Crime & White-Collar Issues.

Information sharing across agencies and jurisdictions statewide not only “levels the playing field” among agencies, but it also strengthens law enforcement throughout the state as criminals who are known by local law enforcement in one part of the state, travels through and possibly commits crimes in other parts of the state regularly.

LENSS, (The Law Enforcement Network Sharing Solution,) is the only available real-time, non-siloed solution that connects all law enforcement agencies across borders and globally to one information sharing network.

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