Friday, September 2, 2016

Once Upon A Time We Had Hope! Do You Remember?

Once Upon A Time We Had Hope!  
Do You Remember?
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart  Global Group

Growing up in an era of British austerity gave me a perspective of working for all you have got and wanting more for the future.  Born in the last year of the 1940’s, living in a time of growth, slow growth and earning everything you ever owned, is so different than today.

Today, entitlements abound and no matter where you live in the Western world, you have had that governmental shoulder to cry on.  It is addictive and the worse drug given to man, woman, and child.  

Hooked, is an understatement!

Party affiliation has so much to do with it.  The British Labor Party and the U.S. Democratic Party are the underlying cause of the demise of society.  British Labor is rightfully blamed for the demise of the social structure of the British Isles, allowing the mass immigration of Europeans who have a totally different lifestyle and paying them to stay with entitlements was so wrong. Thank goodness it is being addressed, although far too late.

Great Britain has now voted to leave the European Union and rightly so. Too many layers of government and stupid rules have changed the isle and must be returned to normality.

America has had a policy of immigration non-control and now wants to open the door for those illegally living in the U.S. to stay permanently.  

Not if Donald Trump has his way and his proposed deportations happen.

Take a leaf out of the European history book and stop now!  If you think the Affordable Care Act is bad, the immigration issue will deepen the problem further.

These people have been sold a failing dream of the pavements paved with gold, much like the days of Dick Whittington.  The difference is, Whittington realized the error of thinking that golden streets existed and stood his ground for himself, worked and became the Mayor of London.

Today this is an entitlement society that has infected a large part of society and so called help has been implanted into their DNA.  Holding their hand out and expecting to be saved by the government cavalry, it has to stop! 

No one is satisfied and the entitlement payments to illegals or non-documented aliens are not going back into the American economy, they ship it home to feed and fund their families and homelands.  

It is likened to an indirect foreign aid program.

Public services are under so much pressure but expected to perform.  Law enforcement, Fire, EMS and the whole Emergency Management infrastructure is in turmoil and being held together and just guts the teams that do their duty each and every day.  

How much longer can you work like this?

Must common sense surface or am I still living in an era of misunderstanding?  

We must fight for the future!  It is our social sanity at stake and that means the children and youth right now, have no chance whatsoever!

Time to have deep thoughts with Labor Day and Thanks Giving just around the corner.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Apple, Tax Avoidance & A Critical Law Enforcement Resignation

Apple, Tax Avoidance & A Critical
Law Enforcement Resignation
More in the Wings, As the Silence, Will Deafen You...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

They say nothing should shock you anymore and certainly at my time of life I suppose it does not, it just makes me mad that we have these type of issues hitting the headlines and being generally ignored.

I will go bassackwards in discussing the headline if I may.

It takes a lot for a corporate leader to throw in the towel and to do so by using social media, a tweet.  

A tweet use to be the sound of a beautiful bird singing a song, this tweet was a slap on the side of the head of law enforcement and its failure from a managerial perspective.

Norfolk and Suffolk assistant chief constable announced her departure from the force after 30 years in a series of tweets which criticised the force.

She tweeted: “After 30 years @NorfolkPolice I’ve resigned to the fact that my values no longer fit the org. I can’t make a difference, support front-line.”

In a later tweet, she posted: “And so I wish colleagues & friends all the best. Let’s hope #policing can recover & the officers & staff welfare is prioritised.”

She then tweeted: “To clarify I am retiring! Looking forward to spending time with family and friends. Playing golf and kayaking!

In a statement, Norfolk’s Chief Constable Simon Bailey said: “As an Assistant Chief Constable for both forces, Sarah has made some significant contributions across many different areas."

“As head of protective services she has helped shape everything from intelligence to major investigations, and throughout her career, she has worked closely with some of the most vulnerable members of society. Alongside this, Sarah has played a key role in helping us all to think differently about how we deliver policing in today’s online world.”

Suffolk’s Chief Constable Gareth Wilson said: “Sarah’s joint role across Suffolk and Norfolk helped us to work together more effectively. In this challenging financial climate, collaboration has helped deliver our services more efficiently and Sarah’s knowledge and experience have made a real difference.”

Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk Lorne Green said: “I was sorry to hear the news that ACC Sarah Hamlin will be leaving Norfolk Police. In the three-and-a-half months, I have been Police and Crime Commissioner, I have had the opportunity to work with her a number of times and have been impressed by her commitment and professionalism. I am aware of the important contribution she has made over 30 years and am disappointed the Constabulary will no longer benefit from her knowledge and dedication. I know she had even more to give but wish her well in her retirement.”

I bet a thousand canaries that the conversation prior to these comments being fashion and created, there was some straight talking between all parties.  

In fact , the same conversation is reverberating around all law enforcement departments, from officers to Chief Constables and I hope including Police Crime Commissioners.

The failure to support the 'Front-Line' is not just police officers, it is the public, businesses and communities they all reside in.  There is the diabolic issue that because of budgets and politics is failing society.

Budget cuts have been the #1 concern for decades and now it has caught up to the inability to protect and serve.  

When corporations like Apple fail to pay their fair share of taxes, services cannot be supported.  This means that the public's individual tax paying contribution is diluted by those that fail to pay.  Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, McDonalds to name but a few of the Brands we all use daily and are the cause of the demise, directly and indirectly to public services.

Policing is a critical service and the foundation of a safe society.  Sir Robert Peel states in his Nine Peelian Principles of 1829 that the 'people are the police and police are the people', this is an overall failure and politicians should be ashamed of their actions or lack of them.

Sarah Hamlin has a very interesting last name, Hamlin.  This allows me to inform you of the Pied Piper who worked with Hamelin, the town.  His task was to remove the RATS, I am not speaking of the endearing name given to Traffic Officers within the London Metropolitan Police or other agencies, I am talking criminal vermin.  I normally associate criminals with the term RATS who will not sing to the right society tune and need removal for their off notes of crime. 

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner, has created and used the Pied Piper Principle (P3) for decades to clear out the issues.  With our Digital Policing Acumen, the solutions are cost effective for communities, officers and all of the safety factors of day to day policing. 

Proactive information gathering, or as we call it 'Atmospherics' begins with Social Media Monitoring combined with our proven Crime Mapping, Crime Analytics, and Predictive Analysis. This is a productive tool chest which is not even the price of a cup of coffee a week per sworn or warranted officer.

No, I am not going to continue to market or sell you on this, as this, our inner passion, dedication and gut feelings tell us you want to the right thing too!

That means to speak with us and hear our abilities, look into our eyes, yes a team that has more street level straight talking internal experience than most. 

Life is a story and we all want that happy ending as the Prince and Princess ride off into the sunset and not being dragged through a darkened forest with storm clouds all around.

Life is sadly not 'Once Upon a Time', in Sarah Hamlin's case it is an extremely sad end to an incredible book.  

Sitting on shelves in corporations and law enforcement agencies are many Sarah Hamlin characters, who are under so much pressure they cannot continue to deceive their beliefs and those that have entrusted the safety and security with them.

The Book Does NOT Have To Be Closed!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The More Ginormous a Corporation, the Less Is Known By Those Within And Are Left Without...

The More Ginormous a Corporation,
the Less Is Known By Those Within
And Are Left Without...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO. CommSmart Global Group

There is something to be said about being your own master. Meetings are short, you are not bombarded by emails and phone calls do not disrupt the day, you set your own agenda, you are not always looking over your shoulder and final decisions come easy.

The complete opposite of the conglomerate that is trundling down the highway with only some of its wheels in sync and traveling at the same speed.

A smaller concise group has so many more advantages, each individual is not concerned on whose idea it was and the "will I get 'Brownie Points'".  It is all in the same pot, the same tight team and importantly, the same goals.

It is solidly about 'team work', passionately with integrity completing business with your best efforts.

Too much time and effort are being wasted on on nonessential matters.  Case in point, yesterday a group five people and most probably more, were sending emails, swapping phone calls and discussing something they knew nothing about and were concerned that they had been left out of the picture and the potential success.  It was about our Blog Post of yesterday.

Ownership is always an issue.  Reaching a demanded goal is never presented in the same way by individuals, someone somewhere has a better mouse trap and has to be heard.  Invention and innovation and a different solid spin are not harmful, they are constructive.

Digital Policing is a prime example.  Within our passionate group, we have individuals who have created crime analytics for the last twenty-nine years, gone to meeting after meeting, wasted immense hours and minutes and now knows that we, CommSmart Global Group,  a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner, has what they were striving for at a fraction of the investment.

Is it always our idea?  No, when we see potential that is not effectively being utilized, we examine, test, prove and then present in the manner which all potential clients understand.

I see today that the PSNI (Police Federation for Northern Ireland) is preparing for a 6% budget cut. Is that because funding is not available or has time been wasted with meetings and bloody meetings without a solution?

Great Britain has been discussing Digital Policing seriously since 2014 and our inside understanding is, they are no closer to a solution for implementation.

Enterprise, private companies have the answers, solutions and practical implementation which is more than cost effective. You have to open the doors and invite to the table to view the potential and seriously consider factually proven solutions.

Oh, those that made the phone calls and sent the emails, our phone number is below, call us and you will see we are on your side if you believe in sides...

We don't!

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Celebrity Influencers Use Media to Attack Police in Brutal Supposed Musical Art Performance

Celebrity Influencers Use Media
to Attack Police in Brutal
Supposed Musical Art Performance

As each 'angel' fell to the floor they were covered in red light, in protest of gun death and police brutality.

This was a political message that stirs those that are easily lead, uneducated and influenced by supposed 'role models'.

It is a performance that is an opinion, which in the USA, is allowed under 'Freedom of Speech'. Freedom, to trigger attacks on police officers through visually using music, choreography, and television award show.

It is the law breakers and scoffers that are against all society within communities that these so-called artists need to be highlighting, not those that are employed to uphold the law, the police officers who live in their neighborhoods, use the schools, churches, and grocery stores.

'The People Are The Police and the Police Are the People'

The Nine Peelian Principles of 1829 stand today, stronger than ever before and when technology connected, make even more sense.

How do we know this, simple, we created it, use it daily across the world and make a radical difference in fighting crime with officer safety in mind.

The police are being used as a basketball, thrown from one end to another of the community basketball court, bounced, tackled with teams of gang members, drug pushers, killers, mental cases and those who just have been influenced by people with too much money and status.

The starting point for CHANGE is information, street level data, collected in a far better method that just the old beat cop walking the streets, which was so successful in the day.

It is about Deep Social Media Monitoring, Crime Mapping, Crime Analytics and Predictive Analysis.

Law Enforcement Agencies across the world have been continuing to try and build an analytic methodology for decades. Meeting after meetings, never coming to a decisive decision whilst crime continues and people die.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner, has the answers, solutions, and where-with-all to have these solutions in your agency for an investment of less than a cup of coffee a week per sworn or warranted officer.

This is not some marketing ploy, it is about the passion for MAKING CHANGE NOW!
Chicago, how many more deaths can you investigate? Let us get down to the nitty-gritty, information, criminals cannot keep their mouths or thumbs still. They have to chat about their successes and get the 'street cred' they think they deserve.

Our Social Media Monitoring knows every move of their thumbs, photographs they take, 'live' video they shoot and importantly where they are at.

Drug dealers and buyers are not left alone either, with our Geo-Fenced capabilities we can achieve so much and so productively, cleaning the streets. Get your courts and judges to work overtime and your lawmakers reviewing your laws.

Every city USA has the same issues at different levels, whether, Akron, Ohio or Tampa, Florida, your Heroin deaths are out of control and the information on the drug pushers is right there and can be the proactive approach you need to be in investing in.

Your citizens deserve it!
If it takes a group of basketball players to go to their philanthropic hearts to make this change or seed the message, please do so!

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Policing Tool Box.

Policing Tool Box.

by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There is even a better tool in the community tool box, teaching right from wrong, recognizing individual issues by parents if only there were parents today.

Law enforcement is being asked to wear too many hats.

To understand our overall daily problems we must have information, just like the days of the 'real' beat cop. This information is there and we have the capabilities to place this in all officer’s hands in real time.

National data, local information on all cases with your RMS/CAD and importantly the officer’s narrative.

This is not an evolution, it is a proven cost effective revolution.

Social Media Monitoring, Crime Analytics, Crime Mapping and Predictive Analysis can be in your hands and at your fingertips for the price of a cup of coffee per week per sworn or warranted officer...

Pull the trigger of progress without meetings 

and more bloody meetings of indecisiveness.

Please read and then reread, call us or email, the CHANGE is IN!


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