Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The More Ginormous a Corporation, the Less Is Known By Those Within And Are Left Without...

The More Ginormous a Corporation,
the Less Is Known By Those Within
And Are Left Without...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO. CommSmart Global Group

There is something to be said about being your own master. Meetings are short, you are not bombarded by emails and phone calls do not disrupt the day, you set your own agenda, you are not always looking over your shoulder and final decisions come easy.

The complete opposite of the conglomerate that is trundling down the highway with only some of its wheels in sync and traveling at the same speed.

A smaller concise group has so many more advantages, each individual is not concerned on whose idea it was and the "will I get 'Brownie Points'".  It is all in the same pot, the same tight team and importantly, the same goals.

It is solidly about 'team work', passionately with integrity completing business with your best efforts.

Too much time and effort are being wasted on on nonessential matters.  Case in point, yesterday a group five people and most probably more, were sending emails, swapping phone calls and discussing something they knew nothing about and were concerned that they had been left out of the picture and the potential success.  It was about our Blog Post of yesterday.

Ownership is always an issue.  Reaching a demanded goal is never presented in the same way by individuals, someone somewhere has a better mouse trap and has to be heard.  Invention and innovation and a different solid spin are not harmful, they are constructive.

Digital Policing is a prime example.  Within our passionate group, we have individuals who have created crime analytics for the last twenty-nine years, gone to meeting after meeting, wasted immense hours and minutes and now knows that we, CommSmart Global Group,  a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner, has what they were striving for at a fraction of the investment.

Is it always our idea?  No, when we see potential that is not effectively being utilized, we examine, test, prove and then present in the manner which all potential clients understand.

I see today that the PSNI (Police Federation for Northern Ireland) is preparing for a 6% budget cut. Is that because funding is not available or has time been wasted with meetings and bloody meetings without a solution?

Great Britain has been discussing Digital Policing seriously since 2014 and our inside understanding is, they are no closer to a solution for implementation.

Enterprise, private companies have the answers, solutions and practical implementation which is more than cost effective. You have to open the doors and invite to the table to view the potential and seriously consider factually proven solutions.

Oh, those that made the phone calls and sent the emails, our phone number is below, call us and you will see we are on your side if you believe in sides...

We don't!

Our Email and Phone are here for you to connect too...

Please read and then reread, call us or email, the CHANGE is IN!


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