Monday, August 29, 2016

Celebrity Influencers Use Media to Attack Police in Brutal Supposed Musical Art Performance

Celebrity Influencers Use Media
to Attack Police in Brutal
Supposed Musical Art Performance

As each 'angel' fell to the floor they were covered in red light, in protest of gun death and police brutality.

This was a political message that stirs those that are easily lead, uneducated and influenced by supposed 'role models'.

It is a performance that is an opinion, which in the USA, is allowed under 'Freedom of Speech'. Freedom, to trigger attacks on police officers through visually using music, choreography, and television award show.

It is the law breakers and scoffers that are against all society within communities that these so-called artists need to be highlighting, not those that are employed to uphold the law, the police officers who live in their neighborhoods, use the schools, churches, and grocery stores.

'The People Are The Police and the Police Are the People'

The Nine Peelian Principles of 1829 stand today, stronger than ever before and when technology connected, make even more sense.

How do we know this, simple, we created it, use it daily across the world and make a radical difference in fighting crime with officer safety in mind.

The police are being used as a basketball, thrown from one end to another of the community basketball court, bounced, tackled with teams of gang members, drug pushers, killers, mental cases and those who just have been influenced by people with too much money and status.

The starting point for CHANGE is information, street level data, collected in a far better method that just the old beat cop walking the streets, which was so successful in the day.

It is about Deep Social Media Monitoring, Crime Mapping, Crime Analytics and Predictive Analysis.

Law Enforcement Agencies across the world have been continuing to try and build an analytic methodology for decades. Meeting after meetings, never coming to a decisive decision whilst crime continues and people die.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner, has the answers, solutions, and where-with-all to have these solutions in your agency for an investment of less than a cup of coffee a week per sworn or warranted officer.

This is not some marketing ploy, it is about the passion for MAKING CHANGE NOW!
Chicago, how many more deaths can you investigate? Let us get down to the nitty-gritty, information, criminals cannot keep their mouths or thumbs still. They have to chat about their successes and get the 'street cred' they think they deserve.

Our Social Media Monitoring knows every move of their thumbs, photographs they take, 'live' video they shoot and importantly where they are at.

Drug dealers and buyers are not left alone either, with our Geo-Fenced capabilities we can achieve so much and so productively, cleaning the streets. Get your courts and judges to work overtime and your lawmakers reviewing your laws.

Every city USA has the same issues at different levels, whether, Akron, Ohio or Tampa, Florida, your Heroin deaths are out of control and the information on the drug pushers is right there and can be the proactive approach you need to be in investing in.

Your citizens deserve it!
If it takes a group of basketball players to go to their philanthropic hearts to make this change or seed the message, please do so!

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Please read and then reread, call us or email, the CHANGE is IN!


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