Friday, April 28, 2017

To Some, Friday Cannot Come Soon Enough!

What Excuse is it Today?
.By Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group 

Why is the world full of excuse creating people?  

They say knowledge is power, why then, do people find lame excuses not to do something and pre-judge the requester? 

Is it ignorance or do they know not what they do?

So where am I going with this?  

Simple, in our line of business (Crime/Predictive Analytics, Community Crime Mapping, Social Media Interaction, Fraud and Community Rejuvenation), we are viewed by some, as a threat, a threat against the pure insecurity of the individual’s job.  They think we are going to take it away, in what in their mind, is rightfully theirs.

“It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.”
George Washington


“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”
Benjamin Franklin

I have heard excuses from professionals worldwide and I must admit in my early days, I might have used a few myself.  The difference is, someone showed me the errors of my ways.  We are never too old or stubborn to continue learning.

Yesterday was a prime example of a “pre-judger”, when someone starts the conversation with the word’s “I am the assistant *****, and have been told to call you, this some sort of sales call, looked at your web and we don’t have the budget, so we are not interested.”  I know that I dealing a person who is pre-judgmental and is totally insecure.  In fact, they may have drawn the short straw and was told to get rid of me.

Firstly, the budget issue is a non-starter, to begin with!  Of course, it is not in the budget, you have not had the common sense to even listen to what it is and I can tell, that being a mind reader, is not on the resume.  Making the statement it is some sort of sales call, is used as a “put-down” in most cases, an insult if you like.  

We would have no world without salesmen and women!  It is a world of marketing from the day you are born, ‘til the day you die and someone sold your family the funeral package, including the urn, casket, headstone and the dead floral arrangements.

I feel so sorry for the pre-judgers of the world and those they represent.  In a, protect and serve situation, this is dangerous for the citizenry and the fellow workers.  To refuse to meet with someone or an entity that is a successful part of society, who is not wanting to take away the, so called power of authority, but to enhance and assist a community to be safer, is foolish and an insult to those they supposedly serve.

The CommSmart Global Group  Group of Companies is a Circle of Fire in the quiver of public safety, which includes law enforcement, EMS, Fire and all parts of government that interface with the public.  Professionals, through and through and are able to take, the so-called slighted remarks, of those that really do not understand the world of law enforcement in the year 2017 and beyond.  It is they that slapped the faces of their citizens, you missed my cheek completely.

I will tell you, our team, across the country and around the world, are passionate about what we do.  We are serious in the regard of solving the crime, understanding the now of events.  As former law enforcement, which the majority of our staff are, we have the empathy of the situation.  Our low key, listening, and understanding is like no other company in this industry of public safety, we care from the bottom our hearts, living and breathing the day to day events of professional public safety officials and their hierarchy of management.

Just because of a couple of us, I included, have strong British accents, don’t think we are trying to, tell you what to do, or just because we are from the other side of the pond, we have no idea of how it is done in this country of the USA.  This is our country, we live here and are dedicated to making the communities we live in, safer for all.

Where was I? Oh, back to the individual that started all of this yesterday. What you did is proving my point, excuses do not cut it in 2017.  I am able to face the individuals, shake their hand, sit across the table and be logical human beings, who can learn from each other and impart knowledge and understanding, that there are others that know more than us and are willing to share.

“Do not make excuses, whether it's your fault or not.”
George S. Patton Jr.

So is there an assistant *****, or mayor of a city that would like to start over and support the citizens of their municipality with law enforcement tools that can make life safer, more cost effect with the resources and up to speed on the daily changes in the world?  Or do I just use my favorite four letter word?


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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Poop on Red Robin’s - Customer Service & Lack There Of...

The Poop on Red Robin’s
By Nicholas Ashton

A corporate response would be nice!

April 22nd, 2017, Earth Day, my birthday and one screwed up American Eatery.

Certainly, the lack of management, training, customer service, and professionalism flew out of the cuckoo’s nest this day!

What started out as a relaxing day of a Cracker Barrel breakfast, now there is a professional operation that should be the envy of the restaurant trade, ended at a Robin Robin’s in Des Moines, Iowa

I mean ended!

Was not interested in their ‘Free Birthday Burger’ as I don’t eat beef, much to the annoyance of Iowa Beef Farmers. 

Gout! Beef inflames my gout and no cow is going to annoy me or pain me that much!

Seating was quick, ordered an Onion Tower, which was a greasy delight.  We were surrounded by tables full to the brim who had been seated way before our ‘bums’ hit the chairs.  Yes, they were waiting and waiting. 

Our order was taken for a chicken sandwich and good ole’ Fish & Chips, American style.

The wait was more than extreme and had I clear view of the kitchen, cooks, line managers, and servers, which to my dismay was atrocious in many derogatory ways in running a kitchen of such a large operation.

The surrounding tables were still not acknowledged and our food was either being hatched, laid or cracked with the Fish still in the Atlantic waiting to be caught by some trawler or other and the potatoes in the field spouting.

The other tables were now being attended to after a good twenty minutes and our awaited food arrived.  I broke off a piece of fish with my fingers as us Brits do and it was cold, I don’t mean sea water cold, I mean cold!  The chips, the same way.  Not acceptable at all and this ‘straight talking’ guy will not sit silently!  It is our right to enter an eatery and expect to receive what is advertised on the menu in a reasonable and professional manner.

Did not happen!

The waitress came over and asked how the meal was, I explained directly it was cold, to take it away and not bother replacing it.  (I know what goes with replacement food and to someone who challenges so called professionals!)
She took the plate back to the kitchen and I saw her dump the food in a bin.  She never sought out management at all.

She did return and I explained that she should have sought out management and instead that she did so. 

Management?  The excuse who came to our table was more than pathetic and only hardened my initial thoughts of the service and cold food that had arrived at our table.

First words out of her mouth were an excuse!  I am only the floor supervisor, she states, the General Manager is an on weekend off.  I am new at this… I fully understand, I know we have a problem!

I explained my issues and stated I understand the food business extremely well.  The kitchen line manager was in my view at all time and it was not a competent crew at all.  The work ethic was missing completely!

Food service is not a game, it is worth billions of dollars a year and can be lost in the wink of an eye or through ‘Fingers & Thumbs’ with social media.
The excuses from the temporary management were abysmal, pathetic and an insult!

What should have happened never entered this person’s head, was never given as training to this individual, who was put in an invidious position and represented the whole company more than poorly.

Look, things go wrong, but in plain sight and who the hell can mess up Fish & Chips? 

‘Red Robin’s’ can and does!

A piece of advice to all, including Red Robin’s local management, regional managers, CEO, and shareholders, get your act together and stop thinking that a little hiccup will go away, it will not.

What should have happened was empathy for the client who is worth more than one meal to the eatery chain and the wait-staff who rely on tips.

Let me suggest:
  • I am so sorry for your experience, it is not the norm! 
  • Have you eaten with us previously?
  • What will it take to get you to come back at another time and let us make it right for you?
  • If you will allow us to do that, I will be very happy for you to have the meal of your choice on us and will give you my personal card and voucher for this.
  • That simple and customer service etiquette that reaches out to the upset customer.

At least twenty-five other people that were at surrounding tables had a terrible dining experience yesterday, ‘Earth Day’ which in Red Robin’s case should have been called ‘What on Earth Do You Think You Were Doing Day’!

In the world of social media ‘Tweets’ reach millions and in this case the Red Robin was singing the wrong song!

Some Major Lessons to be Learned, If Arrogance Does Not Get in the Way!