Monday, March 2, 2015

X is a Legal Signature, Read First, Be Aware of What You Sign & Who You Do Business With...

X is a Legal Signature, 

Read First, Be Aware of What You Sign 
& Who You Do Business With...

There are those that have big smiles, mention they belong to a church and come across thoroughly the inference of trustworthiness.

They are NOT!

Your signature is more valuable than you think. I do not care if it is a forty page document that requires initials on each page and then your signature, read every single word fully. If you do not understand, ask the question. if the answers is not answering the question you asked, ask again, till you fully understand.

If a contract or an agreement ends up in the court system and you are asked why you signed this document, not understanding the document or trusting the salesman or even the lawyer is not an excuse and does not have a "get of jail card"!

The judge will tell you that "Ignorance is No Excuse"!

Con-men, salesmen, lawyers and insurance agents are the worst! In fact, so are your immediate family.

These people watch you like a hawk and know when you have taken the bait. It can be as simple "I want you no matter what, I have fallen love with it". When it comes to money, there is nothing worst than these miscreants who prey on the aged, infirm, mentally challenged and veterans who have been rated incompetent to handle their financial affairs.

Placing a pre-filled form in front of one of these persons with an x marking where they must sign is not the why a contract is presented, unless each and every line is explained to the fullest.

The X is not the mark of a buried treasure for the signor. It is the mark of possible theft. Yes the con-man will go to great lengths with lies and deception when money is at stake.

In the case of a veteran of military service, billions of dollars are at stake overall. The VA has people to help you, authorized agents who are only licensed for certain aspects. Filling paperwork is one, receiving monies on your behalf is not! Only a fiduciary or guardian appointed by the VA can handle monies of a veteran who has been deemed incompetent.

There is a network across America that is duping veterans and must be stopped NOW!

The investigation is on going and if anyone has information regarding these type of con, that is and has happened to a family member, please contact us.

Stop these morons from stealing from US veterans who defended their country and you, now defend them in their hours of need.