Monday, March 2, 2015

A Car Engine is like a Sales Team, it Needs an Oil Change, Tuning and Looking After Constantly.

A Car Engine is like a Sales Team, it Needs an Oil Change, Tuning and Looking After Constantly.

Knowing that you have to travel from A to B, be on time and at your best, you service your car regularly.  Do you do this?

Breaking down on a roadside when in business is not acceptable and that is why a car is not just a box and five wheels, six, if you include the steering wheel.  

if you watch Formula One or NASCAR racing, you know that you must have an extraordinary Pit Crew, Advisers, Backing and importantly a Driver who listens to the experts.

A well oiled cog will not squeak and always perform to it's maximum!

Let us look at what is the engine of a company is, the sales team.  I know that the accounting team will argue that the company cannot run without them or the production line in manufacturing is the most important of all and a main cog in the overall running of the engine.

You do not change your own oil, you need a professional to complete that task.

I hear you and have empathy for your statement, but if the sales are not coming in the door, where does the income come from to pay the bills, to pay you?

Professional sales managers, salespersons and as collective team are vital to the existence of a company.  They revolve between success and failure, acceptance and rejection and the pros keep on going!

It is the ability of the owner of company, whose dream is now a reality is in the hands of others.  Leadership and decision making must be a daily reality and never put off.  We are not asking you to be a control freak, but your planning, strategy and constant review is a must!  

Most owners are too close to the company, which is not a criticism, but do not see the wood for the trees.  Being possessive causes issues, it is the human side of us all.

Fresh experienced eyes and ears, who will ask the right down to earth questions of customers, clients and importantly, the employees is necessary. Being able to collect this information and convey and implement the answer to move forward with a greater success, is the key. 

That is what we do!  We Create Great Sales Teams!

It is about processes, adaptability and proven results.

Q-METHODOLOGY: Our success guaranteed methodology 

Q-TALENT: Sales talent recruitment according to our three phase methodology including a guarantee

Q-EVALUATION: Our proven evaluation methodology for sales and sales individuals including sales management

Q-GSP (CHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY): Company sales culture assessment creating a sales culture to boost sales performance

Q-COACHING: Coaching and guiding sales teams including opportunity based coaching

Q-TRAINING: Sales training on processes and procedures like pipeline management

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