Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Complacency and Political Correctness - The FEAR FACTOR & the NEEDED COMFORT ZONE

Complacency and Political Correctness
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

This has and will be an angry period in America history.  Taking but one life is a tragedy, taking lives daily and attempting to kill innocent citizens and law enforcement is reprehensible.  It is beyond shock and awe!

I have professionally experienced terrorism since the sixties and seventies, the bomb, bullet and the knife.  Nothing of the magnitude we are witnessing on a seemingly daily basis is a comprehensive action. 

Among us are more than evil people.  Which for many reasons have issues, mental, political and downright vindictive nut jobs who should be off the streets and in the non-existent mental institutions or prison.  Then there are the Islamist terrorists who have been radicalized by those we allow to have this 'freedom of speech'!

Our prisons are breeding grounds for criminals, who, are serving sentences and being educated by lowlifes who are teaching them better ways to steal, rape, murder and commit crime against fellow mankind.  Prisons are crime universities and our society is allowing this to continue without restriction.  It is a political and managerial problem that has been allowed to fester in front of our eyes.

Religious practices have gone to extremes on all levels.  Daily indoctrination, no matter what faith is radical!  The Chinese used the same techniques when Mao Tse-tung, who dominated the People's Republic of China from 1949 to 1959 used his Little Red Book.

Our world has changed for the worst and terrorist has taken on more than an ugly facade.

Planned attacks globally transpire and we Monday Morning Quarterback the events. The truth is we are ignoring the solid facts and hiding the reality of the social changes which dominate our lives.

Ideology and culture ignorance that is being built against us and allowed by a society who wish to stay silent whilst the blood runs down the drains of our streets. It must and will change!

Yes, white evil megalomaniacs kill too!  Las Vegas proves that point and no matter how we tear this event apart, we shall never know the true reason for his evil attack on Americans.

Complacency and Political Correctness has no place in our society!

It is time, right now to "See Something, Say Something'!

Corporately, what are you doing in your company to understand your employees and even yourself?

The reality of doing nothing is seen in our headlines daily. The events of the early hours each morning will continue if we ignore the sickness among us. 

Law enforcement  and the public are only a part of the unsocial jigsaw puzzle. 

Under the Peelian Principles, 'The People are the Police and Police are the People'. It was good enough when policing was invented in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel and his Nine Peelian Principles stand firm today.  It is just we are all lost and not seeing the bigger picture.

The worst mass shooting, stabbing or vehicle attacks will not go away overnight and new measures are required to get society back on track.  

Complacency must be GONE!  

This crazy P.C. Society must wake up and see the bigger picture.  

TRUST and Respect have almost GONE!

There is a simple answer and must be accepted, especially by all politicians.  Let the 'real' experts put in place the necessary steps to bring us all back on all levels.

Active Shooter and Violent Protest Management MUST CHANGE!  

There are better methods which can be implemented.  That is what WE DO!

As we grieve and reflect, we stand firm, listen and act, the Comfort Zone will return...

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