Monday, April 30, 2018

Urgent & Quick Care - First Hand Experience

Urgent & Quick Care - First Hand Experience

So, my hacking cough was annoying those around me and the concoction of Severe Cold & Flu Syrup with Fisherman's Friends Lozenges was not improving my cold or what now, I thought could be bronchitis.

Urgent care was recommended and like any man, it took a few hours to say yes!

Hyvee, the local supermarket has one of those urgent/quick care facilities right in the store, tucked away in the back. You never really notice that they are there, I am glad we did! 

The door was open and Linette was working on her computer as I entered the room.  She told to sit on down and tell her what my issues where.  Her manner was so simple as a listener, she did not know me from Adam.

So describing my symptoms, remember, we know us, better than anyone.  She felt that it was not necessary for full examination and if she touched me, I would have to pay!  Great customer service I thought!

Linette felt that over the counter medication could help me right now, but to keep my eye on me.   It was a cold/cough, most probably a low-grade virus that could be fixed. 

Her recommendation was accepted at no charge whatsoever, only the cost of the pills.  This was a customer experience like no other!

I must tell you that 12 hours later, I am feeling better, far from fixed, but on the mend.

Mercy Clinics has these throughout Iowa and I certainly recommend to anyone.  I rarely go to the doctors but Linette, a Nurse Practioner was more than excellent, thank you Hyvee, mercy Clinics and you Linette!

Telephone: (515) 200-7068

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