Saturday, July 8, 2017

Street People, By Choice Or?

Street People, By Choice Or?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Every city has street people or homeless.  They congregate downtown and cause issues and for political correctness, the issues are left to be a social blight by councils as they don't want to be seen opposing people's rights.

People's Rights!  

Someone who is shouting obscenities, smoking a joint, popping illegal drugs, using needles to get high, pissing against business doors/walls and throwing excrement filled socks at passers-by or the police is normal?

Downtown businesses and their employees have the right to conduct business and to be able to walk the streets to work without the need to be fumigated once they arrive at their office, don't you think?

I experienced this the beginning of the week as I took my twice daily walking sabbatical through the downtown streets of the city of Des Moines.  Right in the heart of the greatest insurance companies, banking giants, law offices, and other general business where this collection of miscreants that could kill a cockroach at twenty paces with their unkempt appearance and hygienic failings. 

I mean they stunk!

Now from some of the actions of individuals, you could tell without being a doctor or playing one on television, that at least half of them had mental issues. Not just mumbling to themselves, but shouting in plain English, but making no sense whatsoever.  Their attire was strange but then, what is normal fashion today? They stood out like a sore thumb and are being allowed too because of what?

Our society turns it's back on the downtrodden whose luck has run out for some reason or another.  They became societal outcasts and are driven further and further into the pit of despair.

Then there are those that want the lifestyle if you can call it that.  Many are Veterans who served their country who have true mental challenges and will not trust anyone at all.  

They say that 30% of all homeless are suffering from mental illness and are left to fester on the streets of any town, USA.  Ignoring them and allowing them to continue is a sickness in itself and within so many governments organizations and should be addressed forthwith, as it is only going to get worse.

Concerns for mental illness are being voiced about many individuals in our society, including all those under the daily pressure of doing their job.  Public safety departments, the police who are placed at the forefront have an immense strain on their lives, which not only affects them but their families also.

Just a thought as we all enjoy our weekend...

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