Thursday, July 6, 2017

Social Media Is Your Local Marketing Communications Friend

Social Media Is Your Local Marketing Communications Friend
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Advertising has always been the avenue to draw and attract business, costly too! A gamble if you wish, as you must have a direct message, an actionable message in attracting purchasers of wares or services.  

It is all about directness and nothing more stands out than the absolute growth of the 'Fingers & Thumbs' technology of Social Media Interactions.

If you, as the founders, leaders or CEOs of your business or corporation, YOU are not on board with dynamic social media marketing, you are failing your own mission, investors, shareholders, and clients!

Just like ignoring the cyber attacks and criminal Internet activities which the C-Board swept under the table.  Look where that got us!

Communications has always been at the forefront of the human race or animal kingdom.  From initial grunts of our cave dwellers to the sound of the wolf, communications have been the warning sign of impending doom or the broadcaster of news from the town crier.  Look at your own daily life and think of how much or how less you speak, gesture and command communicational skills.

Social Is Local Is Social...

You trust more information from a friend or co-worker, more than Google search engines.  That personal recommendation has far more weight than a typical search engine.  That is why your 'finger and thumb' activity plays such a major role in marketing when you understand it not all about 140 characters.

It is all about the # hashtag, graphics, photographs, and video.  

How do we know?  We practice what we preach!  It was our clients who told us they liked our direct social media style and wanted to understand how we were being so successful in reaching our audience and we should show others our so-called secrets.

So we are, with Digital Dialogue and our Digital Gathering Place information.  Communications have teachable moments within marketing and information dissemination.  Our symposiums have proved that!

Stop missing out on simple usable technology and please open your eyes and ears to the signs of the times.  As a business leader you may own an iPhone, Smart Watch, and Mac, but do you really know how the rest of the world is communicating?

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