Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Were They There?

Were They There?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Yesterday at the 'gatherings' of friends, neighbors, colleagues and many people you had no idea who they were, were they there?

You know that one person or family who absolutely you want to avoid at all cost. It is like you are the magnet that attracts them to you.  Once they engage with you, you cannot get rid of them.  It is not that you are anti-social, it is, well...  

Where you go, they go!

You know their pattern of conversation and the subject matters you dare not broach.  If you do, the rest of the event you are attending is most distasteful and being rescued is not an option.

That is the problem with gatherings!

Physically attending holiday or celebratory events, no matter if it is family, friends or a public event, there are those that you see the warnings about from afar and just hope they pass you by. You feel like scrunching your eyes shut and transport yourself to an island in Costa Rica.  You know that is not going to happen or is it?

Like boarding a plane, getting comfortable as others filter congestedly down the aisle, with one character standing out.  

You know the one with the fidget personality or coughing and sneezing, rubbing their nose and mouth as they scan the seat allocation numbers.  

You are thinking, please do not sit next to me, or behind me and spread whatever pox you have. 

They pass and what you thought was some normal person sits next to you, the next three hours is hell and you have your ear bombard with questions, opinions and a diatribe of wasted words.  

The pleasures of flying and attending events are as eye-opening as ever.  Yes, a gathering can be annoying, informative and fun, if you gather in your own way, remotely.  

Meaning that the ability to be part of something but not physically there is more achievable than ever.

Social Media, the Smartphone in your hand is a fantastic escape route and more are talking on it than ever.  Oh, it is a social transportation system of the possibilities of portable reality.  Dreaming with your eyes wide open and connecting with a global gathering like never before.  Learning, conversing and all within your own 'finger and thumb' space.

Oh, back to reality, it is, let me look at my clock, 3:15 a.m. and the workday has begun, the muse of the day is minutes from being spread to billions of people who have nothing better to than surf the social media interactions of the moment.  Starting their Wednesday, which to us in America, is a Monday, after the fourth of July celebratory day off, with the overstuffed bellies and additional gas from the extra portions you thought you had to have.

Oh, my gathering, relaxed, no hotdogs or burgers, just unpacking from the move into a new realm of social and business excitement.  Thinking, planning and knowing life is good in the metropolis if you let it be.

So as you gather this morning, look around and see the social change that is occurring each and every moment.  How connected or disconnected you really are.  Knowing that out there in the social finger and thumbs world there are those that cannot put down their connectivity and insatiable appetite for information, data, and gossip.  A marketing opportunity second to none, when you know how to utilize correctly.  It is not just a social tool, it is the vast collective pot of opportunity.

You are as close to everyone with this sociable device in the palm of your hand, which when used by corporations, businesses, friends, and family are connectivity of the Art of the Possible.  

Believe it or not, 'Social Is Local Is Social'

Welcome to the Gathering World of Fingers & Thumbs...

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