Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Budget Cuts & Shortfalls, it does not have to be!

Tax fraud, failure to register businesses and identity theft are growing leaps and bounds. Budget failures are now commonplace and all too unnecessary.  All are causing budget shortfalls!

It does not have too!

States, counties and municipalities issue citations, fines and ordinance violations every single day and are expected to receive the monies they are owed. 

They do not! 

Scoffers ignore the penalties and think; they can rightfully fail in their infraction obligation.

The failure to follow up and collect what is lawfully owed is an inherent problem worldwide, especially with parking, code enforcement fines, building permits and sales tax non-payment.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are literally laying on the streets waiting for collection.  Even when unfounded discounts are offered, the law scoffers turn their backs, walk away and still fail to pay.  An abject situation that financially places all concerned in an extremely bad light of failure.  The failure affects services that have to be cut, which in turn angers the paying citizens.

The government is having a difficult job in the collection of mass amounts of owed and entitled revenue.  Is it because the public treats the demands as we treat junk mail?  Is it because it is the political and elected officials who have no wish to upset the electorate?  Alternatively, is it the closeness of the city employees in the collection procedures?

Never ration the passion. 

recoupeit will complete the enforcement and recovery task with compliance, you will see the power of change from our proven analytical straight talking approach.

recoupeit is your positive solution with worldwide experience in collection, resolution and recovery management.  Using digital analytic public data and street-level technology solutions, with online collections and enforcement, we have proved our success with the service results you deserve.  No municipality or commercial entity should be denied what is rightfully theirs.  When infraction notifications are issued, payment of the fine is demanded satisfaction, the collection is necessary. 

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW… is not just a byline of our successful abilities, CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner have this effective strategic partnership, which has been proven globally over and over again!

recoupeit commits to undertaking less bureaucratic applications, spending more time on the core problems which are inherent across all municipalities.
Absolutely and unreservedly, winning over the public and city by increasing the recovery of overdue debts/funds that are rightfully yours. The approach that we adhere to, shows that this is not just possible, but an undisputed reality.
As your contracted agency, recoupeit is at arm’s length on your behalf and fulfills the contractual obligations under the law.  

Our honest contracted approach goes beyond just management.  Our management team and founders understand the total picture of issuance, enforcement, and recovery.  This is a high-level quality service to your state/counties/municipal clients, the taxpayers, and citizens.
Revenue is required to pay the states/counties/municipalities obligations and promises to all and recoupeit, will honor that demand.

Our services include the means to issue payment methods and recovery.  This is a fee-based service on all issued citations and collections and will be adjusted for your municipality requirements, once agreed upon.

recoupeit, at its core, has street smart competency in all professional attributes, in the ability to deal with government, commerce and for want of a better description, the man on the street. 

Our collective experiences range from law enforcement, counter-terrorism, computer criteria accuracy, digital input, databases, tracking, crime analytics, next event predictability, public data, social media interaction/monitoring, recovery of warrant/fines/sundry debt/taxation and parking enforcement. 

Customer service and satisfaction have been our priority as the leader of the largest bailiff (debt collection) recovery companies in Europe, allowing for a wealth of satisfaction in servicing your clients as you know, they need to be served.

recoupeit, is tenacious and tireless in completing a contract, by blending our honest hands-on approach, with focused goal orientation.  We see this needed service as a means for a municipality and commerce to achieve the ultimate resolution for all parties, both government, and citizens, who deserve the services required for a quality of life that is expected for all.  It is about reuniting revenues and distributing services that have been promised to and by all parties.
recoupeit :
  • Immediate resource capability
  • Excellent value for money, it is a pay as you go solution
  • Consequently, we have formulated a plan that focuses on delivering value honestly to both municipalities, the public, and commerce, with a transparency for all to see

True transference of governance as a cohesive solution for all.

recoupeit, part of CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner is a professionally established service that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure the satisfactory functionality of a built environment that integrates people, places, processes, emerging and disruptive technology and workplace enhancements.

Our business plans and solutions are specifically designed to assist municipalities and commerce in achieving sustainable management goals. Our strategies are aligned for sustainable detailed examination of sustainability considerations, goals and objectives, and ways to communicate with an effective program.

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