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Change Management - This Has Never Been More Relevant!

This Has Never Been More Relevant!

Assertive/Responsive Comparison
In Your Work and Play Will Enable CHANGE.

Our lack of communication has never been so evident as it is today. The media reports and social media our ears and eyes on society. Sure, there is bias in all news organizations and we must choose who we wish to follow and trust. It is the same as members in our immediate and connected families, we make choices with them all.

Destructive communication skills are hacking into our personal and work ethic and must be addressed!  It is causing deep stress in all that we do, it is pressuring relationships and ruining corporation’s abilities to perform as they should.

It is about CHANGE, and over the next weeks and months we shall address this. 

Not just attitude change, it is about understanding all the inner workings of your company, its failures, successes and knowledge that will protect what you have, how to improve and keep what is rightfully yours.

Fact is, there are leaders and managers who should never have been placed in that position in the first place.  It is like a flesh eating bacteria worming its way through a company, leaving all in disarray.

Companies are teams and people and members come and go.  They each have an effect on all that are associated.  The wrong mixture or a single person can disrupt the team, corporation and end the flow of success.

It is communication, hiring/firing attitudes and leadership that are in dire need of modification

Public Safety departments which include, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Homeland Security and the Alphabet Soup Agencies are a perfect example of inner failure.  Just like a corporation, issues boil to the surface and cause ineffective decision making, which is far reaching, costly and includes inefficiency.  

With the fluidity of world economics, its ups and downs, the need for Change Management has never been so important.  Sadly it takes fresh eyes to see the real picture and be decisive in the actions required to bring the corporation back on track.  This is not necessarily in the same direction or inner work team, as the saying, "you cannot teach old dogs new tricks" is an issue.

One area of Change Management that is a priority, Internet usage and understanding.  Every company has data in motion, which must be guarded, protected and fully understood from the bottom up.

C-Level executives and Board members must have a full working understanding of all aspects of the computerization of the company.  It is not good enough to think that your IT managers know it all.  The laws of secured data are more vital than ever.  It is about Duty of Care and Corporate Governance! 

Stay tuned for the announcement from CommSmart Global and the Communication Outreach Solutions, which are part of our overall Circle of Change!  

We Make the Difference From Our Worldwide Presence and Expertise.

In our everyday lives whether work or play, we have traits, both good and bad.  Our home life is supposed to be more relaxed and going about doing things we enjoy. This is not always the case as or social make-up has radically altered since the 1970’s.  It is all about communications and how, by using a firmer communication protocol, life will have improved.  Has it?

Our working side of life is a different matter, we must now confine ourselves to a fixed schedule and protocols.  Some find this restrictive and it reduces the creativity of the relaxed character that is the real us and changes our attitudes. Remember, we might not be the same person that was hired on in the first place.  It is not that we do not want to be, it is one of those bad habits we all adopt over time.  Everyone of us is influenced by others and not always in the right direction.

Let us just look at two aspects that are in the direction for CHANGE:

Assertiveness is the forcefulness people use to communicate their thoughts, opinions or desires to others.
  • Dominant and Expressive patterns are naturally assertive.
  • Analytical and Amiable patterns are lower assertive in nature. They are naturally detail oriented and attentive listeners.
Responsiveness is the readiness with which a person communicates emotion and develops relationships.
  • Expressive and Amiable patterns are naturally responsive.
  • Dominant and Analytical patterns are lower responsive in nature.  They are naturally time conscious and task oriented.
It is just these two areas we can modify our behaviors and see a vast difference in both our social and work environments.

Then again the following list may shed some light on areas you know you need modification:
  • Taking more risks
  • Extroversion
  • Balancing focus between people and tasks
  • Putting others at ease
  • Adjustability
  • Resilience
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Being fast paced
  • Carefulness
  • Being emotionally reserved
  • Being unabashed
  • Being assertive
  • Pessimism
  • Verifying data before taking action
  • Initiating action
  • Being compassionate
  • Seeking immediate results
  • Enjoying working in various locations
  • Sympathy
  • Being instinctive
  • Resourcefulness
  • Living by the clock
  • Discernment
  • Self-assuredness
  • Building camaraderie
  • Self sufficiency
  • Providing directives with skill
  • Maintaining a flexible schedule on the clock
  • Efficiency
  • Not conforming
  • Being an assertive leader
  • Being emotionally responsive
  • Employee Coaching Tool
Just some thoughts on how we can and should improve.

Stay tuned for more insight to improve your communication skills with the CommSmart Global, as we bring CHANGE Analytics that can be used for changing your your daily business and social life.

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