Saturday, July 30, 2016

San Diego police unsure if fatal cop shooting was deliberate attack We Can Analytically Bring That Answer!

San Diego police unsure if fatal cop
shooting was deliberate attack
We Can Analytically Bring That Answer!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There is so much information surrounding an incident or event, you scratch your head and rear-end wonder where the heck to start and stop.

Police work is a science and gut feelings that honed officers have amassed over their careers.  That can never be changed, nor should it.  What can be added is crime analytics, mapping, social media monitoring and predictive analysis.  

I know, many of you have not got time for that crap and believe that street smarts are all that is required.  Let us show you from an inner perspective of knowing law enforcement and having a foot in both camps of crime and computer analytics.

CommSmart Global Group's team is comprised of ex British Metropolitan Police Officers and Dutch Cyber Analysts, in fact they are all cross trained and understand the logic of both sides of the fence.

CommSmart Global Group is a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner having access to billions and billions of public data.  Our collective solutions take law enforcement to a new high and realm of crime solving and predictive capabilities, never experienced before.  

We are far from just the 'New Kids on the Block', DoD and law enforcement globally are already using our solutions, some for nearly twenty years.

If you think we are going to go into the solutions capability, you're wrong.  That is for a discuss between us and agencies.  I do mean a discussion, not just a marketing sales pitch.  CommSmart Global Group respect sales and marketing, but that's not what we are all about.

It is the logical realization of how law enforcement works and the combined technology that is normally beyond those that have never delved into the digital world beyond their own computer and Smartphone.

If we have peaked your interest, please call us or email, so we can verify that you a law enforcement agency and we shall set up a discussion and demonstration.  Expect at least an hour and some phone calls prior to this to establish your internal systems and how you would like to improve.

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