Friday, April 27, 2018

The Internet Does Not Equal Privacy! It is a Sewer, a Den of Inequity...

The Internet Does Not Equal Privacy!
It is a Sewer, a Den of Inequity...

FaceBook Strips You Naked By Removing Your Privacy Cover!  Google Has Even More On You!

You should be thinking "Privacy Above All", yes, your privacy is your responsibility.  I know you think others, like Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other unsocial networks are protecting you.  They are not, they are exposing you every single millisecond of the day and placing your personal and corporate information in harm's way.  

You think they have got your back and they do NOT!

Every single company and government should be protecting any individual data that is collected in doing business today. They are NOT!

You cannot avoid using the Internet of Things (IoT) as everyone uses it for forming filling, banking and health data and every other thing you can think of.

There are No Six Degrees of Separation!  

We are all connected!

This means that any criminal or Cyber Terrorist is using so much of their ill-gotten time to infiltrate any data site they can.  Data silos in the most case are insecure because their IT Department is out of touch with cyber reality.

When it comes to cyber protection, RED TAGGED is Straight Talking!

Cybersecurity has to start at the front door, the servers which contain the data and have checks and balances along the way to ensure we are all protected.  Knowing all the activity in "real time"!

Malware is being used continuously attacking the servers, trying to beat and enter the Information Technology sphere that has outdated security.

Having a database with access to your customers/clients, employees, third-party data centers when not secured is like a red rag to a Hacking Bull!

Giving access to a database like this is like giving everyone a key and having no control over who they share it with.  Passwords are useless and foolish, no matter what their length or alpha/numeric they are.

Using a Dashboard/Portal for authorized access to Device DNA and a secondary code is more secure, especially with a military level encryption.

Your Smartphones are just as vulnerable, remember it is a computer!  Your voice, data in motion, emails, SMS/Text/Chat and documents on your Smartphone can be fully secure with high-level encryption and it should be.

It is all about Privacy Above All!

That is what we do!


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