Friday, January 8, 2016

The Frustration of the Job Marketplace...

The Frustration of the Job Marketplace...
Nick Ashton, CEO/CTo CommSmart Global Group of Companies

As a software cyber security group of companies, we have done our fair share of global hirings.  Be honest, it is a pain in the you know where...

So we sought out the change, the reversal of job seeking fortune, so to speak.

Employment, Jobs... It is not about Hiring Fast, Zipping here and Zipping there, it is about Hiring RIGHT! 

Looking for employees or the employee looking for the right job should not be a Monster Task! It is about the Job Finding YOU! 
It is frustrating for both parties and the majority of companies and recruiters play the numbers game.

Those that apply are left in "job seeking limbo", not knowing if they have been successful or not.  Waiting on the non existent reply.  Annoying to say the least!

So we have just brought ZoooMeee to North America.

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Those seeking employees have a more simplified means to list their openings. 

Those seeking employment, it has changed radically and we are looking for those companies who want a more cost effective, secure and successful means of hiring.

So I made this statement:

Well, the worse job I ever had, was looking for a job!

Fact or Fiction?

You are the Talent and the Jobs Should Search Out You !

Job seeking is not the most productive period of your life!

It has all changed for the better. 

Let the job find you!

No more resumes to send out, just fill out the questions with simple like or dislike answers, your name, location and email address and ZoooMeee does the rest.

It will match you with employment that fits your profile and then you click and apply!

The company who is offering the position does the rest from your ZoooMeee profile and if you are what they are looking for, the interview will happen.
If not, you are informed immediately, so there is no nail biting waiting period.
It even advises you or how you be more qualified, what improvements can be studied to be be a better candidate.  It evens includes education resources.

Works on any platform, computer, Smartphone, tablet etc. and even has an APP!

As the jobs become available you are informed, that simple, that ZoooMeee!

Works for your corporation too.  It simplifies the hiring process and has many more features we can demonstrate for you.

Corporately, if want to know more, contact us for a demonstration.

North America: +1 (614) 655.1247
Europe: +31 611.303489

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