Sunday, January 3, 2016


by Nick Ashton, CEO/CTO, CommSmart Group of Companies

Where has privacy and trust gone?  Certainly the retail trade is the most mistrusted part of society, cops are even now being so miss trusted, lawlessness is rife and our society is going to hell in a handbasket.

Where is the Cyber Security Stewardship?

Once upon a time the water cooler was the place of action each morning. Today, no one is really having conversations, they just look into their hands and the center of their world, the Smart Mobile Phone or Tablet. 

Discussion, reading a book or even talking or a walk in the park, where has it all gone and more importantly, where is it going?

Data criminal theft is so rife, it seems not to be being treated as a major issue, in everyone's eyes.  You cannot trust your information with anyone but yourself and even that is suspect!

Data and personal information is the most sought after item that is being stolen and sold today.  The ultimate protection of this, is with you, no one else. Corporations which collect your info are not, I repeat not to be trusted and need to be challenged.  It is not a personal matter, it is a fact!

Information technology departments and their leaders have never been the most communicative bunch.  We personally have been dealing with them since 1976 and they have not changed.  It is with this in mind that CommSmart Global sets itself apart for the accepted norm.

Through our cyber security analysis, knowing what or who is doing what to your data, good, bad and the ugly.  

Malware Threat Defenders are a needed solution in real time. 

Dashboard and Portal to secure all your employees, clients/customers, vendors and sub-contractors and their ability to be secure and open the doors to the main data silos. 

Mobile Phones and the Internet are an extreme risk!  

Privacy, freedom of expression and of information are considered as fundamental human rights and they are anchored within the legal corporate and personal framework. However certain aspects of protection of personal data are difficult to address and implement entirely and require more logical and simple understanding.

We live in a fast changing world, new information technologies and applications change our society daily. Although these technologies make our lives easier, at the same time they generate new privacy and security challenges. It is important to identify risks and to provide recommendations to reduce threats. However, data breaches do occur and have increased at such a rate, no single corporation in the commercial world can keep pace. Hence, it is essential to provide a notification framework.  To be one step ahead and have fresh eyes is vitally important.

That is why focused views must be used and by this, all our clients will benefit from this cyber informational overview of attacks and vulnerabilities. 

It starts with a full investigation of current practices, standard operational procedures, experiences and trends.  Cyber attacks are not just outsiders, internal disgruntled current and former employees or contract services are also a major part of the issue.

When did you last vet your employees?  It has, in today's society, been an ongoing part of doing business.  This way you can isolate and recognize patterns and possible situations.  This includes domestic violence issues that are attracted back to the workplace and that employee who has drug/alcohol or criminal problems can be addressed. No stone must be left un-turned!

As a corporation you are responsible to the shareholders, clients and customers and the inner workings of the company.  This means the employees as well.

Do not Negate Your Duty of Care or Corporate Governance 

They talk about insurance policies for cyber protection, remember insurance is nothing more than a gamble that something is going to go wrong. In the world of cyber data theft, the chances are extremely high from both external and internal situations.  Insurance alone is not the solution, you must have outside trusted eyes to look deeply into your practices of data in motion, with action taken to stop these issues to the best of your abilities.

CommSmart Global through our worldwide operations are on top of the issues, laws and solutions.


Use our Cyber Sniffers & Honey Decoys!  

We ensuring Privacy and Security!

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