Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Are You Ready For The Hacking & Phishing New Year Fairies?

Are You Ready For The Hacking & Phishing New Year Fairies?

Ho,Ho, Ho, you and your family are the target of an elite group of scum buckets, The New Year Hacking & Phishing Fairy Brigade

In fact they ply their ill-gotten wares every single day and are tremendously successful.


Simple, because you are still using passwords with lame security and think it is not your responsibility. 


Passwords are a thing of the past, Bah Humbug!

Trusted Remedy uses Device DNA, your device, not a human made up password that is shared, stolen, borrowed or forgotten!

Then, you have the retail giants who gladly ply you with bargains and specials, enticing you to spend your hard earned money, although it is through a plastic credit/debit card.  

That piece of plastic is the entrance to your social soul, if the transaction is not protected correctly, well, look at the hundreds of millions before you that have had their bank accounts raided, social security numbers stolen and some of those naughty and nice photographs spread around the world for all to see, giggled at and shared further with others, including Auntie Gladys.

It does not stop there!  What about your Smart Mobile Phone, Phablet, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop Computer?  How secure are they?  Every time you send an email, search the web, fill out a form, use Wi-Fi Hotspots, you are being watched.  It is like opening a door and forgetting to close it for a few short moments.  You never know who is going to creep in behind you!

We use all of our computer devices for business, pleasure and social reasons, forgetting that security is the #1 priority in keeping our employer and our families safe, from the dubious Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers. 

In Real Terms, YOU are YOUR Worst Enemy!

So this new year, give yourselves the satisfaction of security with a Trusted Remedy from Red Tagged, protect all your computer devices, your company and especially your family, make this New Year a disaster for the New Year Hacking & Phishing Fairy Brigade.


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