Friday, August 26, 2016

WOW! What Exceptional Positive Responses...

What Exceptional Positive Responses

We know our side of the issues and your voiced concerns via email and phone calls, the expressed problems that you have suffered at the hands of Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Department, cities, and their officials.

We have not verified any of them as yet and will not comment on individual statements that have been made to us.  They vary from deputy sheriff attitudes, wrongful arrests, domestic violence cases that were heard by courts and the magistrates or judges comments and findings to simply elected officials connections to strange business dealings.

The myriad of responses is truly shocking if true.  Then, 182 communications cannot be untrue or just people wanting to slight the county and its issues. 

Even if one is correct, that is one too many!

The published story we are referring to is:

The Societal Bubble of Tuscarawas County Has Burst! 

A call to the Sheriff's department's Deputy Chief has yet to be returned.

One city official stated in an email that it was 'an interesting article', it is not interesting it is concerning!



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