Thursday, August 25, 2016

YOU Are In Control? That is, If You Understand What Control Means...

YOU Are In Control?
That is, If You Understand What Control Means...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Each day you are bombarded with so much chatter, talk, data, information, and crap, that no wonder you look for the easy life and the best way out to stop worrying.

Communication overload has damaged you and your shutoff valve are stuck closed.  Too much and your ability to disseminate, understand and know what is true or false is overwhelming.

The basis of all is law, logic, and ability to leave in so-called harmony.  Being a product of the late nineteen forties, I have lived through radical years and decades of change.  The gradual claw back from austerity, rationing of food, clothes, even furniture.  The increase of a family owning a car and employment and manufacturing booming at unheard of rates.

Then, social change at the exact same time as social mediums was created.  Cable television, the Internet, social media, such as AOL Chat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.  Whispering between friends was acceptable, gossip was life itself.  The actions on the sharing of the gossip were never taken to the levels of group hatred, spite, and violence that we are seeing today.

Do not get me wrong, the technology is wonderful when used for the right reasons and we embrace the growth with the proviso that security is taken into consideration and implemented.

Data and information are bombarding us at levels that send some’s minds into turmoil.  It does not have to be!

It is impossible to know it all or even read what is created every second of the day.  We must have our computers and algorithms complete that for us.  We are in control and the machine acts upon our commands.  Not the other way round.
Back to laws and those we ask to enforce them.  Police, law enforcement, public safety and YOU and expected to play by the rules and maintain sanity by respecting the laws and those asked and paid to enforce.

“People are the Police and Police Are The People”.

Yes, the Peelian Principles in conjunction with technology is the answer and is proven.

Law enforcement is the basketball that is being bounced, thrown, and dunked between sanity and unsocial morons.  The police are charged to uphold the laws on the books, making arrests and bring those that scoff the law in front of the courts of their peers.

Groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ are a vindictive, bait racing collective that have only one end game, violence toward police officers, society, especially ‘whites’ and garner headlines in a ‘liberal’ media, who take the easy story without investigation.

CommSmart Global Group is not your normal company, we are passionate, concerned and have the solutions and proven answers.  No one wants to continue in this downward spiral of decension of societal values of life itself.
It starts on the streets, knowing who is who and what is what.  That is achieved by using the tools of today and tomorrow, Social Media Monitoring, Crime Mapping & Analytics, and Predictive Analysis.

No, this is not some dream of Artifical Intelligence, (AI).  It is here and been created and working for over twenty years.

Please read and then reread, call us or email, the CHANGE is IN!


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