Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Who Knows What is What? History - Invented Memories - Factual Disconnections

Who Knows What is What?
History - Invented Memories
Factual Disconnections
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

The stories, fiction, and the total invention of news is now the norm!

Thank goodness there is a baseline for information and all interlinked data. Something we cannot live without and no matter how you feel about privacy, we must have a full understanding of facts and not invented fiction.

You may believe it is a very social world with people connecting, sharing information and enlightening each other of global and local events, bring us closer and closer.  

It is not!

We, socially are more insecure than ever.  The expression, TMI (Too Much Information) is so factual, the criminal can collect so much about for the stupidity of your social postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other unsociable finger and thumb communications.

On the other hand, I thank you!  Your unashamed postings tell us so much and public and criminal data allows us to paint the picture that we require to solve a crime and stop major concerns regarding terrorism.

CommSmart Global Group, a LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner know how data can be used productively to protect us all. 

Let us introduce our Accurint® Virtual Crime Center.

Accurint® Virtual Crime Center is a tool for command staff, analysts and investigators that combine billions of public records with agency-provided data in a cross-jurisdictional data exchange to provide law enforcement with unprecedented linking capabilities. Creating a complete picture of a person, location or incident will help law enforcement agencies solve more crimes and obtain hard to find information. 

Criminals have no boundaries. Accurint Virtual Crime Center will provide agencies with a view beyond their own jurisdictions into regional and nationwide crime data. Each year, about 12% of the population moves a statistic that is even higher for young adults. To predict and solve crime patterns, you need visibility not just to the jurisdiction next door, but across the country. The ability to view information such as crime incident data, CAD, offender data, crash data and license plate readers in the same place will assist in resolving and preventing crimes in a timely manner.

The success of our professional services from the coaching and mentoring perspective is second to none.  Understanding where it all started back in 1829 with Sir Robert peel and his Nine Peelian Principles which we have expanded to ten.  Yes, the inclusion of a tenth principle which brings the technology factor into play and still maintains the basic principles which are known as the Policeman's bible. 

Times have changed and police agencies and communities must not be left behind or more vulnerable from a security factor.

As Peel stated: 'The Public is the Police and Police are the People'.

Stop second guessing and taking too much to solve crimes, contact us now.

Telephone: +1 (330) 366.6860

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