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How Well Did You Sleep Last Night? - Are You Really Running At 100% To Execute Your Job?

How Well Did You Sleep Last Night?
Are You Really Running At 100% To Execute Your Job?
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

There are those that just cannot get the right amount of sleep and it is not always at night.  

Shift workers who rotate through three different shifts complain regularly that sleep deprivation has ruined their marriage, social life and presumed quality of life. Science proves it and logically we all know it!  

Sleep is the most important part of life's cycle.

As nearly of all Americans crawl into bed for what they want is a good night's sleep, more than 2.5 million people are just reporting for work, punching the clock to start a graveyard shift.

Police officers, hospital workers, truck drivers, and factory workers are among those working the "third" or "graveyard" shift that maintains and keeps the country moving along 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

They make up 3.4 percent of the workforce, and they expeditiously toil at night because it's a dream job or they get a little more pay. They have found that a vampire's schedule is more apt or convenient.  Maybe it is the only work they can find.

Night workers or third shift workers may feel they've turned their lives upside down to work on a schedule that departs from social norms and works against the body's natural circadian rhythms. It is what they do and can directly tell of the diabolical issues it causes in the chaotic lives.

Some employment demands a 24/7 schedule to the determent of some.

Shift work has its problems and it is what methods some take to maintain a sleep pattern, yes sleep aids.  Prescription Pills, illicit drugs and of course alcohol to name the tri-fixes.  Dangerous to say the least but it seems acceptable for businesses that use the shift employment system.

The one area that concerns us the most is law enforcement which is a demanded 24/7 necessity.  There are many different variations of shift work used within agencies and none are perfect whatsoever.  

Management and staff know it and are only now slowly understanding and offering solutions.  The 'Open Door' policy of coming 'clean' about addictions is still not working and a societal nightmare.  Having the ability to meet with your supervisors and leadership and admitting you have a drug or alcohol issue without being fired is marvellous if a good percentage were doing so.  

They are not!

Admission and then being supported with assistance to 'kick the habit' is excellent and does show that there is a managerial admission of the problem. Who though is going that route? Risking keeping mum and hoping they do not get caught and then fired!

Having an officer who has to be 100% at all times to do his or her duty to the community is vital.  Sadly there is a major percentage of officers who have issues through sleep deprivation and turned to both prescription and illegal drugs and alcohol are growing.

Fellow police officers know the problems and deal with it daily and nightly, having your buddies back or (6) is vital in all situations and if an officer is not functioning on par, that is a major liability concern.

So the next time an officer comes tour home or place of business to serve papers, inquire a situation or just to general police a community are they 100% on the ball or are there issues?

We must be more open to this growing concern now!

All the technology in the world with Digital Policing is useless when the operator is impaired.

Sir Robert Peel had to deal with the use of Ale by the public back in 1829 when he gave us the Nine Peelian Principles.  Times have changed and the Nine Peelian Principles stand firm with an addition of the Tenth Peelian Principle.  

Which, over the next few weeks, we will introduce and reintroduce to you.

Are our expectations set too high?  


It is a society admission that is lacking and the liability is too great to ignore anymore!

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