Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who Is The Bully In Your Company or Personally? Ours Is Named...

Bullying, It is All Around You!
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

Some bullies have got away with blue murder for decades and it is stopping when you stand up to them, expose them and use the legal system to halt them in their tracks.

The likes of Rex Brown is a personal example and there is more to come for Mr. Rex Brown in the court system! 

His smirky smile will be wiped from his face at long last!

Convicted already of Criminal Trespassing, his next court date is November 29th, 2016 and it will go on from there.  There is more in-store for Rex Brown and other bullies out there. 

I have met Rex Brown three times only, once on a Christmas holiday two years ago when he was downing more alcohol than should be consumed on such a family occasion, the day he dog-napped his ex-wife's dog and criminally trespassed on the property to do so and then court when he was convicted.

We are far from obsessed with this man, we wish to stop his continuing actions of bullying against other people, including his children, who cannot see the issue whatsoever.  It is also a lesson for others to stand up to those who are bullying them.

This is an obnoxious man... 

Here is Direct Message to Brown

The Internet and social media are a playground of concerns and as we see, if we Google the subject matter at hand, it is deep, dank and very gloomy within the seedy side of life.

When most people hear the word bullying they automatically think of bullying in schools. However, there is another kind of bullying that is happening every day and all over the country. Bullying in the workplace is all too common and it is a very frightening and an isolating experience for those who suffer at the hands of the bullies. 

I remember being approached by the school bully and being told that I would pay over my lunch money every day and if I didn't, he and his so-called friends would beat the crap out of me.  Oh, I got the first punch and kick, who said you had to fight fair!  

Workplace victims are made to feel frightened, useless, and full of shame and embarrassment. Being bullied at work can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, complete loss of self-confidence, panic attacks, withdrawal, many various health problems, and in some cases suicidal feelings or as we are witnessing, actual suicide.

A boss, a colleague, or another member of staff may suddenly start picking on someone for a variety of different reasons, none of which are the fault of the victim. They may do it when no one else is around, making obscene comments, threats, or gestures, ensuring guilt and shame and therefore silence. The use of social media is more prevalent that you know and embarrassment of the event stops the individual from showing others of the situation. The bully feels powerful, strong and in control. On the other hand, they may do it in front of a group of people, belittling, shouting, or even completely ignoring the person. This makes the bully feel big and powerful in front of others and makes the victim feel isolated from the group, worthless and very often, stupid. Other members of the group may realize what is going on, but feel too frightened to speak up or defend the victim, in case the bully turns on them.  It is a fear factor that feeds from within.

Bullies can work in other ways too; they can pick on someone in less obvious, but equally as hurtful ways. Responsibilities may be taken away; deadlines may be brought forward at short notice, entitled leave may be denied, or forced to work longer hours without any reward. It may be that hard work is ignored, or as soon as a tiny mistake is made they are jumped on immediately and ‘disciplined’. Every day is full of dread and fear. Some people don’t realize that what is happening to them is actually bullying, as it is done so discretely, and so it is allowed to continue for some time. The victim is made to believe that what the bully is telling them is actually true. It may seem that there is no way out, no way to stop this monster, and no one to tell.

If you are being bullied at work here are some points to remember about bullies:

• Bullies are in reality total cowards, and they need to feel that they are better than you, the only way they know how to do this is by bullying.
• Bullies are frightened that they will reveal to others that they are actually incompetent at their job and other areas of their lives, so to stop this from happening they pick on someone else.
• Bullies are control freaks and need to feel that they have the upper hand.
• Bullies are cheats, liars, deceptive and manipulative.
• Bullies are incompetent, jealous, bitter and angry.
• If a bully tells you that you are useless, incompetent, lazy, weak or any other negative aspect, they are actually talking about themselves.
• They will pick on your most vulnerable asset and make it out to be ten times worse than it actually is, this is to make you feel bad about yourself and it also makes you believe what they say.
• Bullies can be charming and very deceitful, making it difficult for the victim to be believed by others.
• Bullies thrive on fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment and most of all, silence.

Being bullied can have devastating effects, which can last for years after it

has taken place. If you feel that you are being bullied or where bullied in the past, please don’t hesitate in getting help. Remember: it is the bully who is in the wrong, not you.

Stop the Bullying and reach out to others you trust and slam the Bully into the void of silence and shame they deserve.

Do not retaliate with violence and if you feel threatened, go to your local law enforcement and speak with them.

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