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Google Asks All Of You To Make The Internet Safer - Really!

Google Asks All Of You 
To Make The Internet Safer
By Nick Ashton, CEO/CTo CommSmart Global Group of Companies.

Ask all they will, Google has the capability to enact themselves. Wanting to improve education is one thing, instilling learning principles is another!
Society has been dumbed down, so others can profit from their stupidity.

There has to be a wanting to learn, to be educated and become far better in their daily lives. Will it happen? No, just look at how we are educating our children or in fact not educating our children.

So, Google, whose court is the ball in?

The search giant has just posted a "Security Advice Survey" online, asking IT security experts for their best tips and tricks about how to stay safe on the Internet—from not clicking on links in emails to not downloading files from sites that might be dangerous.

I totally agree that the public needs assistance in being involved in the use of the Internet, after all, we are all connected.  Just like the days of the first automobile, someone walked in front, waving a red flag as a warning.

Too late!  Socially the society of today believes “others” should have that responsibility.  After all, it is an “entitlement society”.  People want it all now and on a silver platter.  They do not want to lift a finger in their own protection.

"At Google, we're constantly trying to improve security for our users," wrote Rob Reeder of the company's user experience research team, in a March 26 post on the Google Online Security Blog. "Besides the many technical security features we build, our efforts include educating users with advice about what they can do to stay safe online. Our Safety Center is a great example of this. But we're always trying to do better and have been looking for ways to improve how we provide security advice to users.

People do not listen, they switch on the computer, just like their car, revving up and speeding into want is on their mind to go do.  They do not notice that there are some facts we must check before we open ourselves to a world of harm waiting to happen.  When it does, they scream, cry and ask why someone else did not protect them.

Common sense, logic and downright sensibility is all that is required.  Oh, I forgot, that has been removed for general public’s capabilities.

Transparency of security is penultimate in how we secure it for those others that will fend for themselves.  That is why we introduced Trusted Remedy, the secure, anonymous corporate security, for end to end data in motion for all devices.  No matter what, BYOD, (Bring Your Own Device), machine to machine and general exchanging of information between computers.

That is not all we do, we care, are passionate about the protection of information and stopping the Hackers, Phishers and Man in the Middle Brutal Attackers.  No one should stand by and watch others being harassed by these cyber-terrorists who prey on stupidity.  The hacker throws enough mud against the wall, hoping some will stick.  The mud that sticks are to the gullible who have left the door wide open for the miscreants to steal directly from them that private information and financial data.  Then the problems begin and the crying and whining of “why me” is heard annoyingly loud and clear.

Simple, you started on page 43 of the manual of life and computers.  Start thinking for yourselves and imagine that no one in the world cares about you or your problems.  You are on your own!

Not really true, as both we and Google do care, it is just that Google is reaching to others and not recognizing they have the power to make change from within.  In fact, far faster that having surveys.

Why not Google “security of my computer” this weekend and work on improving your connections.  
Please, you are connected to me!

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