Thursday, September 13, 2018

Not Your Lucky Digital Day - Digital Policing - The Criminal's View

Not Your Lucky Digital Day
Digital Policing - The Criminal's View

We can all think from a law agency perspective that we have control, we do not! 

Planning for the future is a must, but planning is working in fantasy land as an accountant or marketing guru will tell you.  

The speed of CHANGE is more necessary than you know and establishing a starting point NOW is a priority.  Law agencies have been working the digital, cyber world since the early eighties, spending millions and billions and not even on par with private enterprise/commerce.  

Then there are those that have meetings and more bloody meetings with cups of procrastination with resistance on the side.  Do not take this a personal attack on any one person or group.  

It is a fact of life, we all resist CHANGE!  It is that we are straight talking and know the needs, demands, and timing better than most.  The importance is simple, we converse, discuss and then show what you are asking for is already here and we can partner to make the plans far less than a fantasy and here today, not ten years down the road.

CommSmart Global Group is passionate about bringing the proven CHANGE NOW and to continue to enhance the ever-changing digital topography as we all move forth together.

As the lead team in law enforcement digital policing globally, working as a LexisNexis Risk Solution Partner is knowing that we have the capability of major data access, both local, regional, national and of course, globally.  

Crime does not happen in a two-block area anymore and the pub is not the center of crime chatter, it is on social or anti-social media.  There is the start of information in the Atmospherics of Life.  Yes, the simple Link Analysis programming and software that is usable at all levels of the agency.

Think of how we will change the issues on Heroin and Human Trafficking, we know what we are capable of and understand that even on those issues, the battlefield is littered with problems that require attention NOW!

So Now For Something Completely Different
The Criminals View on Digital Policing!

The Privacy Powers Act 

Social Media Monitoring & Crime Predictability

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