Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stop Telling Porky Pies (Lies) About Not Knowing That Something Was Not Right!

Stop Telling Porky Pies (Lies) About 
Not Knowing That Something Was Not Right!
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO/CIO, CommSmart Global Group

"I never saw this coming".  
"He was just a normal kid".  
"Never, never did he show signs of being a radical Muslim".

How many times have you heard those or similar comments from people when some nutjob does a dastardly deed?

The Mall stabber, "he was just going out to purchase a cell phone". Really!

Do you take a kitchen knife to AT&T?  

What to get a better deal?

Going to extremes it seems is normal in this day and age.  Mind you, what is normal?  These individuals show signs that are witnessed, forgotten or ignored. 

Whether a bomber, murderer, rapist, or some other act against society, there are glaring signs, which are only remembered after the fact.

Then it happens!  

Just like this last weekend, the stabbings and the bombings.

Stay tuned, there are more to come...

A tragedy, to be sure. But for many parents of children or friends, struggling with a possible mental illness -- a social wrenching experience in itself -- it can be a truly chilling scenario.

In this societal ever-changing bubble and the so-called pace of life, people think you are not expected to challenge others.  

You must!

The question is always, 'why didn't I do or say something'?

Serial killers show outwards signs, even small changes or comments that are glaring factors and signals.  They are missed or purposely ignored.  Is that we don't wish to think the worst of someone?  Is it that simple?

Not wishing to pry or be labeled a 'snitch' or a 'busybody'.  Being told to 'mind your own business'.

It is your business!

Any bang, clatter of noise or boom immediately in your mind is now an explosion.  You are walking toward a person who looks Arabic or a woman wearing a burka, immediately you have thoughts of who they are.

I can say that not all Muslims are Terrorists, but it seems all Terrorists are Muslims.

We are profiling people, sounds, actions and not stating what is going through our minds.  

We must!

Showing concern regarding someone's action is necessary for this day and age. 

Yes, Snitching has got be front and center or someone maybe will die.

See Something, Say Something by you or others could save you and families life.  

Get use to it!

No one is going to criticize you for being overly cautious, honestly, law enforcement wants to know.

This is the communications change for the rest of your life, so be aware, report changes in people and importantly their comments or actions.

You Must Do Your Part!


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