Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who Is High This Morning?

Who is High This Morning? 
(Still using those Business Enhancement Drugs are YOU?)
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

Come on, it is fess up time!  You have come to work as high as a kite and made decisions whilst under the influence, that maybe were not the most perfect decisions in your live and some how got the deal.  Come on, own up!

As CEO, you sat in a meeting worst for wear due to a few extra drinks the night before and could not wait for the meeting to be over.  You said yes to everything, just to get the meeting over with and to go take the hair of the dog, to try and get back on track.  Admit it, come on!

The headache would not go away, so you popped some extra Naproxen, way above the normal dose and basically dozed through the meeting and voted, not knowing what was really going on.  Is that more of the truth?

As a police officer you served a warrant on citizen whilst high on cocaine and felt the rush, as you cuffed him hard.  Imagine if he had resisted, what would you have done in that drug empowered stupor?

In surgery this morning, you were still feeling the effects of those cold medications that you doubled up on and it took you twice as long to finish the surgery.  Just how is the patient doing?

Sitting there in your Florida courtroom in your black robes covering your golf shorts, still reeling from the "shots" of rum from the night before, you are ready to pass sentence on a drunk driver.  What was the outcome?  Did you admit, you are an impaired judge who is still high and not in a position to make a sound decision?

In the council meeting, you are falling asleep during an important planning decision, which will shape the communities future.  Was it the extra Ambien that you popped last night or something else?

There is not one of us out there that has not for one reason or another been out of touch due to some sort of stimulation, which impaired our judgement and decision making process.

Even worse is the fact you know you did wrong and when questioned, you evaded the truth and moved on and continued to take the same daily actions.  If you are doing this, are your co-workers doing the same thing and it is one big accident waiting to happen?

So this morning around the water cooler, outside the back door, whilst smoking a cigarette or in general chatter, are you judging a man on two wheels who supposedly has come clean about his performance enhancing drug use, to become the greatest cyclist in the world and then be found out?  

If you are mocking his decision to do so, slamming his ethics, think again!  As you are just as guilty of the same actions and in most cases worse.  Driving to work drunk or drugged out of your mind on over the counter medication, texting while driving and heaven forbid, talking on your mobile phone without using a Blue tooth headset.

Within your company, it is time to fess up and admit you have got problems, the purchased kind, let alone the mental instability of some of your employees or even yourself.  Faking it has got to stop!  

I do remember the two martini lunches back in the early days and I was as guilty as the next person. They said it was the price of doing business and we all laughed, joked and the clock was still turning clockwise as it counted down to an impending disaster. 

So I ask the original question again:

 Who is High This Morning? 
(Still using those Business Enhancement Drugs are YOU?)

Your answers will be a start and can change your life 
and your whole company, just a thought...

copyright 2013