Saturday, January 12, 2013

This is a Call To Action...

This is A Call For To Action...
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

With the reduction in the finances available to municipalities, cities, states and federal law enforcement agencies, we must look to our next assets, the public. 

In the original formation of a police force, Sir Robert Peel, (1829), took members of the public and brought them inside his vision of a uniformed police force to keep the peace.  The means of communication was a simple whistle, the only protection they carried was a stick or truncheon and their visual identification was the uniform and the top hat.

What is left of our society in 2013 needs assistance to maintain law and order under a different model.  Police officers are fully trained to keep the peace, investigate and resolve crimes and infractions and then be adjudicated by a court.  The old days of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, we flooded the streets with officers who walked their beat.  They knew everyone, from the kids in the alley, to boys in the big house.  When an incident went down, they knew which door to go knock on and resolve the issue.  Our courts and prisons had a smaller flow of visitors as it was taken care of, on the streets, in a very down to earth legal manner.  Yes, a clip around the ear, or your father taking a belt to your backside, to resolve the issue.  I know I was one of those kids!

When you have fights at school bus stops by parents, open drug dealing like a corner supermarket, domestic violence on every block or more, intimidation and downright bullying in the schools and that is just the tip of the iceberg, where will it end?

Professional officers and management require assistance and we can revive a solution first used by the British Police forces, special constables.  These are sworn officers with limited but powerful abilities to complete some of the mundane duties, where a professional officer’s time is wasted and can be better utilized.  I am not trying to minimize the capabilities of the special officers; it is just not cost effective to have professionals tied down with duties that can be completed by others.  These folks are not rent a cops; they will be retired police officers/detectives or trained VETS.  The common denominator is training, respect and trust.

The Pied Piper Project (P3) © is a community based revitalization program.  Changing the social vista, using existing codes and laws, that clean up and clean out the neighborhood and communities in an expedited manner.  Policing, this includes animal control, housing (code enforcement), tenant/landlord ethic codes, gang and drug enforcement and community policing.  A proven solution that works in short periods and is then maintained. It makes folks sing to your respectful tune.

Pied Piper 3 Officer (P3O), a fully trained officer at a lower cost, individuals who know the old ways with a twist, simple street smarts.  When it is a paperwork crime, from car break-in, simple burglary or what is deemed a low-level expectancy apprehension incident, these officers can complete, using new digital technology, which collects all the data and it is then processed through criminal analytics.

This solution can also secure our schools.  We overlay today’s technology on the expertise of experienced individuals and create a level of understanding that has worked through the decades.  Now, we have the communications capabilities, analytics and next event predictability within, for use, today.

Social event centers, malls, conference centers, stadiums and concert halls are major gathering points and need increased eyes and ears and the Pied Piper 3 Officer (P3O)©,  is trained and available for this type of work also.

Our street level technology even goes as far to revitalize the old Neighborhood Watch, renamed, redesigned and reinvigorated.  Cop wannabes are not welcome! The day of the Neighborhood Block Captain is gone and replaced with socially acceptable visionaries.  Yes, leaders, who have the respect of their neighbors, the responsibility of understanding and importantly, the resolve to enact the needs of a radically, socially changed 2013 and beyond.

It is the overall ability to manage our society cost effectively and importantly, socially.  It is the training, criminal analytics, tracking, call for service, next event predictability and methods to gather this information at street level.  This includes digital input and communications, which are more than economically effective and affordable.  In fact, communication of information is directed to our analytic data repository via any mobile phone, which is securely linked through the Pied Piper Project (P3).  It is beyond proof of concept and this technology has been in use since the late 1990’s and is being updated all the time.  Innovation is part of Tracometry’s daily life and as the creator of this social change, has been able to develop and implement this solution and have the understanding of all concerned.

This is a Call to Action! 

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