Thursday, January 10, 2013

Revolt, Rollover or Resolve?

Revolt, Rollover or Resolve?
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

The animosity toward government and society has never been so contemptuous. Whenever you wish to increase taxes, take away services or rights, you have a fight on your hands.  As you are seeing and hearing on a daily basis on the Internet, television news, newspapers and talk radio, people are angry, upset and downright "not going to take it any more".

What has happened to Respect, Trust and Truthfulness?  Did this whole planet take a turn for the worse?  Look around, see the blight of nations, cities and your neighborhoods. This is your community that you live in and stop turning a blind eye on the delusional visage of today's messy social environment. 

They are telling us statistically, murders have dropped dramatically, but overall criminal acts are up.  As crime analysis, we know this first hand.  That means more people are affected by criminals and are suffering in most cases the financial consequences, which they can ill afford.

How do we make change without enacting more laws on the books?

It is the action of putting Respect and Trust into the neighborhoods, allowing people to value what they have and respect each other in the communities where they reside, socialize and rear their families.

This awareness of increasing the value of the locale is then reflected on the businesses in the area.  Importantly, the chance for employment in the revitalization of the community.  Placing money back into an economic depressed neighborhood and bringing them back to where they deserve to be.

Tracometry© as group, have the answers, even how to collect the money off the streets, rightfully owed to municipalities, to pay for the improvements.

The Pied Piper Project is the proven answer!  

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