Monday, January 7, 2013

What Are We Thinking?

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What Are We Thinking?

Since the Sandy Hook school tragedy and the senseless continues slaughtering disastrous events, what have we been thinking about and discussing?  The talk has been about absolutely everything under the sun except pro-activity and a positive, realistic mindset!

Men and women have been killing since time began and yes, it gets worse as our population expands and cultures migrate.  The method used and who they kill or maim has progressed from using a rock to the latest death inflicting device.  It is not what or how they kill or maim, it is the desire to complete an inner task they have set their mind on.  We know the signs abound of mental and physical confusion witnessed by those that surround them and do nothing!
Why do we ignore these signs of concern?

In this TMI Age (Too Much Information), the useless fluff is diverted, sent to the back burner of the abyss.  It is masking the important stuff, the protection required to run our lives.  They say knowledge is power and the knowledge bombardment overload allows us to miss the important factors of our streaming social involvement.

Imagine every time you met a good friend you had to repeat all you two had done in your lives, sharing the moments.  The doctor’s office would require you to go over all your medical problems and updates before you met the doctor.  It does not work!  We have to be proactive and store our information and be allowed to update the changes as we go along our journey. 

In fact, it is in the detail that we can achieve it all.  At birth greeted and surrounded by something medical, recorded in some sort of fashion.  There is a record file started and continues until the medical end.  All that occurs in our lives, recorded, allowing us to know what is next.  In fact, others are going to need access to this information to assist us through our years and to make sure we make it to the ultimate guaranteed departure.

Tracometry is the established vehicle for all of this to occur and succeed.  None of us knows what is around the next corner or even if we shall return home to see, our loved ones or those we work with and what is next in store.  It is the capturing of the details, facts and fiction, which will carry us through.  That is all well and good, we do not want it stored in some time capsule to be opened years later, the information must have fluidity and accessible under secure and necessary circumstances. 

Tracometry’s expertise is to provide solutions for life.  Public safety of all is a priority and our ability to take Street Level Digital Input regarding all infractions, which include crime, code enforcement, health code violations, animal control and community issues, is of the utmost importance.  Through this data, we are able to analyze the social patterns and inform all, which includes law enforcement and the public through our Internet communications capabilities.  Our long-term strategic partner, BAIR Analytics, has developed a groundbreaking reporting of this information and requirements.

From cradle to grave, we have the solutions to maintain secure access to the most vital information and accessibility when needed by the people you want to have access to it, for you and those that love you.

WE are in the NOW and KEEP YOU; in the KNOW…

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