Friday, January 11, 2013

Why Do We Outright Challenge Each Other?

Why Do We Outright Challenge Each Other?
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

There are so many great and excellent ideas created every second.  Why is it, it has to be ours, our idea before we really examine the other folks ideas?  Is it that we think, no one else can have a great concept, solution or innovation that works and is a success?

Acceptance of others is part of culture, sadly culture is dying on the vine and attitudes have done that 180 degree change in the wrong direction.  Look at the youth of today, worldwide they are so different, many, in the worse possible ways.

Responsibility is an important keystone to leading a positive life.  Many today cannot spell responsibility, let alone understand the ramifications of not being responsible to all others in our lives.

Trust, use to be a day to day occurrence, in most cases, it is nonexistent in most people's lives.  This is not just in our daily family lives, our communities as well, it is in the workplace too. 

How cohesive is your business?  Are there daily battles which involve personality issues?  Have we changed culturally and our levels of understanding been thrown out with the bath water?

Issues with individuals are apparent in both our families, communities and workplace and they must be addressed before they develop into a major crisis.  Violence, drug use/selling, bullying/intimidation, domestic violence, tenant/landlord issues are not confined to one place, it is all over and spills into all social environments on a daily basis.  It can be and must be stopped!

Responsibility and Trust can be reintroduced into our communities and be successful.  It is the positive vision and willingness to participate that will move us off this downward spiral. 

Remember when someone stated, "It is the Economy Stupid".  It is!  Revial of people, communities and commerce is vital and more important than ever to bring back what the people deserve.

There are more responsible and trustworthy people in the world than you might think.  Do not get it wrong, no one is perfect in any way, shape or form.  As we have all grown older, understanding our failings rises to the top and just like fine wine, aging improves it all.  Only though, if you understand life and what it takes to move forward with the fortitude of a good grounding within your own life.

From a business and social perspective, changes, ideas and successful aptitudes has already assisted many and Tracometry has a lot to offer.

Talk to us regrading our services and solutions, we do not bite!

Whether it is a municipality or a business that has monies owed and need that collected professionally, our nationwide collection company recoupeit, reuniting revenues, can assist.  After all, cities have to pay their bills to keep infrastructures in place and satisfy the residents.  Commerce can also benefit from our services.

Communities can change too!  Our Pied Piper Project (P3), will change your communities and bring back responsibility, trust and improve the economic state of the area.

Law enforcement will change their success rate and be even more cost effective with Tracometry's BAIR Analytics, crime analytics, call for service, tracking and next event predictability services, we are your "back office" and supply your citizens the data of crimes via the Internet, 24/7.  Whilst law enforcement has all the tools at their fingertips to solve the crimes and continuing the safety of all.


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