Friday, January 18, 2013

The Fix Is In...

Do You Hear The People Call... 
by Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry

In the euphoria of success, the all smiling faces and celebrations, we lose sight of what we must continue to do and achieve.  The battle has been won and we move on to the next challenge.  That is the simple problem of corporate CEO's, marketing V.P.'s and the lawyers.

So you won the case, made the sale and onto the next solution to solve and what has occurred in the past has nothing to do with your new workload, clients, product sale or court cases.  It is like you have no rear view mirror, it is just onward and upward!  Who is minding the previous accomplishments and that it really happen?  

It is not you!

That multi-million dollar win in the patent case, where you spent massive time, money and effort to achieve the success, but who is making sure the money is collected?  

It is not you!

The city officer who issues a parking fine or a code infraction, once he or she has issued the paperwork, they move on to the next problem.  The fine collection is not up to them.  It should be, as it is all part of the story or cycle of events.

Citizens and employees expect promised services, a pay check and a budget to perform their duties.  If monies are uncollected and believe you me, it is massive and just waiting for the collector, there are deficiencies.  Most cities and corporations do not collect for a simple, but stumbling reason, they don't know how to go about it and farm it out and then believe it will happen.  

In most cases it does not happen.  Yale University stated in a report last year that only 4% of all monies owed to the government, states and municipal courts was ever collected.  You know what I am going to say? What!

recoupeit, has one mission which is revolutionary, we reunite revenue$ and people like to see and hear that.

Cities are always scrambling for money and inevitably turn to increasing taxes, they do not have to.  The monies are in the hallways and streets of your city and we shall find and release them back to their rightful owners, the city and the citizens.

Corporate America, continue on with what you do best, manufacture, market and innovate and leave the task of bringing home the uncollected bacon to us.

Making recoupeit, your strategic partner is the revolutionary difference.  Our management team is human, successful and has decades of completing the task at hand.  Europe knows what we accomplish and why we are so Street Smart.     

Your original purpose to make sales and collect the cash can continue with your strategic partnerrecoupeit

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