Thursday, November 7, 2013

It Is A Gamble From The First Breath…

It Is A Gamble From The First Breath…
By Nick Ashton, Founder, CEO, Tracometry Group of Companies.

Change, no not chips for cash, the change that seems to be traveling at such a velocity it is a blur.  That type of change.  Those in our mid years or past them seem to always be telling people, “it was not like this in my day”.  Is it we only want to remember the good times or times that mean something to us?

The world has been changing since the beginning and in the last decade, faster than you know what!  A child cries, pulls faces, takes those first steps, learning all the time and those formidable years fly by, bringing the good, the bad and the ugly out in all of us.

Just like in business, the way we use to do it, is not the same as yesterday.  That is how it is changing, that fast and that insane!  In fact I loathe hearing those words that to me, are old and annoying, “There is an app for that”!  Sadly, there is, the short cuts of insanity, but, necessity today.

With the election results in, which now only take minutes, New York is expanding its casinos for a very interesting reason.  Not only a referendum passed to do so, but it is because it will earn the state money, in taxation.  The politicians never have enough of the green stuff.  So now, seven super casinos will be born and open to allow people to gamble and believe they can beat the house.

Online gambling and sports betting is about to soar in America to, it is going on behind closed doors and everyone knows the floodgates of technology are being opened.  Hang on, if you want to enjoy a bet on cards, roulette, Fantasy league or any form of sports, let it be so!  

I bet you can have some fun and it is entirely up to you how you spend your money.  Sure, there are some that are easily parted from their money, but it is their choice.  In fact, the government seems to know how to remove our monies from our wallets and bank accounts with ease.

Online gambling and sports book are here and being expanded to those that want that little edge on a game.  It is like you own a piece of the action in the moment. 

I remember as a seventeen year old having a flutter on the World Cup, England vs. Germany and yes I won!  It was a different experience as it was as if I was part of the team, the cheering was driven as I had an interest.

Watch for the opportunity to enjoy the game in many ways, worldwide, no matter what your poison is!

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