Friday, July 19, 2019

As the Heat Rises...

As the Heat Rises...
by Nicholas Ashton, CEO, CommSmart Global Group

The heat is on in more ways than one!  Blistering temperatures that cannot be controlled in the weather conditions or in the political rhetoric.  Neither is good for society and only one is absolutely controllable. Politics is in a mode of hatred globally, creating through agitation and 'in your face' opposition.  

Now we have societal mayhem!

Open transference of information is the only way society will have vital information which is required, all the facts to see why decisions are being made and implemented.  Give citizens more credit and stop worrying that they cannot handle it!

Stop Dumbing Down People!  There are more intelligent people than you think!

Don't get me wrong, there are idiots on both sides of the fence also.

Why would you ask the advice of citizens and then ignore their answers and wishes? 

Do you really think ignoring them is going to get you a gold star in the popularity contest?

People don't want more questions, they want implemented answers, honest answers!  The facts are they can handle it in the majority.  Sure there are those that you can never satisfy or appeased every single time.  

Negativity is at the forefront in the public's eyes and it has increased the concerns which are only resulting in violence against each other.

So much has changed, instant information is in overload and comprehending is even more complexed than ever.  You have your opinion, friends comments and then the media spin from a limited collective perspective.  No wonder we have indecisive fearful decision-makers who are afraid of doing their job correctly. 

CommSmart Global Group has no fear! 

Straight talking is where it is at, in crime-fighting and predictive analytics, which productively enhances law enforcement's capabilities to protect, serve and solve crimes.  It is the proactivity of both of these crime-fighting tools combined with social media interaction that is the proven key!

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