Monday, April 20, 2015

Directness is a Virtue… No More Hit Or Miss Second Hand News!

No More Hit Or Miss Second Hand News!

Why are you still throwing mud and information at the proverbial anti-social outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whatever was trending last night?

Second hand news does not get results, it is smothered in lies, falsehoods and conjecture!

Directness is a Virtue… Placing relevant information and facts to their Smart Phone, in the palms of the hands of the people that matter.  Sadly, this has been severely lacking?

WHY?  Simply because you listened and followed others that did not have the same purpose of communications and goals in their sights.  It was simple mudslinging hoping that some sticks!

Direct Campaign and Corporate Communications is about those that receive your facts, feelings and important information.  

The Election Campaign mirrors in-depth Brand Marketing and to each candidate nothing else matters.  All is on the line. 

Each and every statement is a life-line and requires, no, demands a two way communication street to each individual who wants to know more.  Not second hand from the news media or the water cooler gathering point.

What does Campaign Connection bring you?

Engage, Excite, Connect

  • You control the software and delivery system
  • One on One Communications
  • Personalized
  • Call For Action
  • Donation Prompts
  • “Live” Streaming!
  • No Buffering and Spinning Wheels…
  •  Freemium or Subscription

There is no other direct connection available and is exactly what is required in this Social or Anti-Social Media Landscape.

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